Knowledge | 2022-09-16

Why buy a quiet type ultrasonic cleaning machine? Can you mute it?


What is the silent type ultrasonic cleaning machine? A quiet ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the traditional ultrasonic cleaning machine can be different to achieve a quiet operating environment, general quiet ultrasonic cleaning machine is equipped with a muffler. But the noise aspect mutes the ultrasonic wave series and the ordinary comparison is reduced by about 25 decibels. Ordinary ultrasonic cleaning machine operating decibels in 80 or more.

The advantages of silent ultrasonic cleaning machine: most of the non-silent treatment of the ultrasonic cleaning machine will be issued in the actual use of loud and harsh noise, the application of ultrasonic cleaning machines mostly in the laboratory, hospitals, factories, and another indoor environments, the noise has a great impact on people's physical and mental health. Therefore, in this case, the general use of a quiet type ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Mute ultrasonic cleaning machine mute principle: ultrasonic cleaning machine noise and ultrasonic power and ultrasonic frequency, it is inevitable, so we start from the material, one is to abandon the traditional ultrasonic cleaning machine's metal shell, innovative use of ABS plastic shell, this design greatly reduced the ultrasonic cleaning machine work noise. Second, the built-in noise reduction cover, a thick plastic cover, isolation of the other part of the noise. Under the double noise reduction measures, the noise value of the silent ultrasonic cleaning machine is less than 60B, which is close to the noise generated by human-to-human communication. The noise value is only one-third of that of similar capacity and frequency products.

Why buy a quiet type ultrasonic cleaning machine? Can you mute it?