Knowledge | 2022-09-19

Advantages and application scenarios of small ultrasonic cleaning machine


As the saying goes, small has small benefits, big has big advantages, then, the advantages of a small ultrasonic cleaning machine and the main application of what is it? Small ultrasonic cleaning machine main application scene because of small ultrasonic cleaning machine capacity problem, so only wash personal watches, glasses, Lego toys, small PCB circuit board, glassware products, chemical fiber, household appliances, jewelry, coins, and so on.

Advantages of small ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1, small size, small footprint although small ultrasonic cleaning machine is small in size, but does not affect the cleaning effect, its capacity can meet the basic requirements, can easily soak, barrier-free cleaning. Small devices can be whole body immersion, visual operation to see as real, so that dirt peels off faster.

2, can be divided into different categories for cleaning. Due to the different properties of objects, classification cleaning can be more efficient.

Choose soft cleaning mode: cleaning necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, jade bracelets, rings hair accessories.

Choose a strong economic model: cleaning such as precious watches, ceramic straps, steel chain straps, and so on.

The multiple cleaning modes of the small ultrasonic cleaning machine make different items safer during cleaning.

3, cleaning effect many people think that the sales of good small ultrasonic cleaning machines can only clean the surface of the floating dust, from the surface becomes clear and transparent. For glasses lenses, for example, a small ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the surface, glasses cloth is difficult to remove the grease and dirt lenses, especially between the lens frame and the seam.

A small ultrasonic cleaning machine can be on the details of cleaning, and then wear a long time jewelry is dull. Put into a small ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can remove dirt, and restore its luster. Generally speaking, with the small ultrasonic cleaning machine using ultrasonic technology, in the role of cavitation, you can easily clean the articles groove and dead corners of the gap and dirt. Its vibration frequency is extremely suitable for household cleaning, which is the key to care. The vibration frequency can remove the dirt on the surface and clearance without damaging the object, and avoid the disadvantages of low vibration frequency, dirty cleaning, and high vibration frequency. With the use of cleaning agents, especially grease and dirt cleaning effect is better.

Advantages and application scenarios of small ultrasonic cleaning machine