Knowledge | 2022-09-16

Cleaning products: try the ultrasonic cleaning machine


An ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of equipment using ultrasonic cavitation to clean the surface of an object. It was first used in the industrial field to clean parts such as gears and screws. In recent years, there are some household-grade ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market. In daily life, many friends have gone to the optician's shop to clean their glasses. They only saw that after they put their glasses into a small pool and switched on the power supply, the water rippled with microwaves, making sizzling sounds. It only took three to five minutes, and the dust and oil on the glasses were gone. Here is the use of ultrasonic cleaning technology.

For ultrasound, we hear more about ultrasonic diagnosis, ultrasonic distance measurement, Ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic lithotripsy, etc., but ultrasonic cleaning may be unfamiliar.

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is that the high-frequency oscillating signal sent out by the ultrasonic generator is transmitted to the medium through the conversion of the transducer into the high-frequency mechanical oscillating wave, when the liquid is impacted by the ultrasonic wave above 20 kHz, the acoustic pressure reaches a certain value, the tiny bubbles in the liquid (cavitating nucleus) are alternately acted by the positive and negative pressures, the sudden closure of a rapidly growing bubble creates a shock wave that creates thousands of atmospheric pressures around it. This local pressure is enough to break the chemical bonds in the molecule, which is characterized by high reactivity, and the existence time is very short (generally in 1 × 10 -4 ~ 1 × 10 -6 s), which can make the chemical effect easier to carry on. When the bubble breaks the shock wave produced on the workpiece, the attachment on the workpiece (dirt) gets stripped, and finally achieves the goal of cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning has the following advantages --

1. Good results

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been recognized as the most efficient, the best cleaning method, with its cleaning efficiency of 98% or more, and cleanliness also reached the highest level. No matter how difficult the cleaning of items is, as long as it is put into contact with the cleaning liquid cleaning pool, ultrasonic cleaning can play its role, in the deep holes, cracks, and hidden parts of the object can also be cleaned; In addition, ultrasonic cleaning can achieve different effects according to the different solvents, so that the cleaning degree of all parts of the object can be highly consistent, such as de-oiling, de-rusting or phosphating.

2. Don't hurt your hand

Traditional cleaning methods are generally manual cleaning, and often need to contact cleaning agents, some cleaning agents for skin damage are great. And the ultrasonic cleaning machine does not need human hand contact detergent and does not harm the hand skin.

3. be efficient

The application of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is convenient for the implementation of the cleaning process and the continuous automation of the process, especially suitable for cleaning a large number of small parts (or parts).

That is, since the advent of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the 1950s, its application field has been expanding, from the earliest medical field and gradually developed into the food industry, machinery manufacturing, optical components, and other industries in the production process, is now more infiltrated into people's daily life.

In the medical industry, manufacturers of medical device components as well as major medical institutions are subject to extreme scrutiny. The devices doctors use are critical and can have life-threatening consequences if there is a contamination problem. Therefore, to ensure that medical device-related products meet increasingly stringent cleaning standards, ultrasonic cleaning technology began to support the medical field. At present, it includes syringes, surgical instruments, pipettes, research and experimental equipment, glass containers, dental equipment, esophagoscopy, bronchoscopy, rectoscope and microscope, much medical equipment disinfection, sterilization, cleaning, and so on will use the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

In people's daily life, has been developed products have an ultrasonic dishwashers, ultrasonic washing machines, and ultrasonic sinks. The use of an ultrasonic dishwasher does not need high-pressure water and circulating water, all only in the form of vibration of water molecules, so the machine noise is small, and water-saving, power-saving. Ultrasonic washing machines issued by ultrasound can produce a strong water pressure, leading to the vibration of clothing fibers, dirt, and clothing separation is very popular in the Japanese market. The ultrasonic sink is suitable for washing glasses, cloth strips, toothbrushes, and other small items.

Some people are worried that the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines, will cause radiation hazards to the human body. You Don't have to! Ultrasonic waves travel through the liquid, causing the liquid and the cleaning tank to vibrate together at ultrasonic frequencies, and the liquid and the cleaning tank have their natural frequencies when they vibrate, so people can hear the sound of“Sizzling.” It is harmless to the human body.

Cleaning products: try the ultrasonic cleaning machine