Knowledge | 2022-05-20

What is the best oil remover for electroplating? Electroplating ultrasonic cleaning equipment is worth a look


What is the best oil remover for electroplating? Metal products due to a variety of processing will stick to a variety of industrial oil pollution. When electroplating, these oils will reduce the metal product surface and the adhesion between the plating solution, resulting in peeling, bubbles, and other problems, thus affecting the quality of electroplating. In addition, the oil in the plating tank will also pollute the plating solution and may cause a large number of defective goods. Therefore, oil removal by pretreatment before plating is one of the indispensable processes in the electroplating process. The electroplating process requires a high degree of surface cleanliness of metal products. Apart from the traditional way of removing oil, what other way of removing oil is more important than the traditional way of removing oil, xiao Bian thinks to electroplate ultrasonic cleaning equipment is worth knowing about.

At present, in the electroplating industry, there are ways to wash, scrub, and spray, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning can achieve the highest degree of cleanliness. Oil removal of electroplating ultrasonic cleaning equipment is based on the cavitation effect, when ultrasonic transmission to the cleaning liquid, will produce a large number of micro-bubbles. These bubbles in ultrasonic vibration in the rapid increase of blasting, bubble blasting local pressure can produce thousands of shock waves. The oil on the surface of the metal product can be peeled off, and the oil can be accelerated to disperse at the interface with the cleaning liquid to form an emulsion. To promote the dispersion of oil to the cleaning fluid, to achieve a metal surface oil removal effect.

Removing oil with electroplating ultrasonic cleaning equipment can shorten the time of removing oil, improve the quality of removing oil, and reduce the amount of removing oil agents, especially for those with a deep hole, slit, or complex shape of the metal products more oil removal advantages. Using ultrasonic cleaning technology can also replace strong acid, and strong alkali oil removal process, greatly reducing the pollution of the environment, and reducing the intensity of labor. With the development of ultrasonic cleaning technology, electroplating ultrasonic cleaning equipment degreasing will be more widely used in the electroplating industry.

What is the best oil remover for electroplating? Electroplating ultrasonic cleaning equipment is worth a look