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Selection of cleaning agent for industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner


With the improvement of industrial cleaning efficiency, the application of large industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner is becoming more and more widely used, and cleaning agents are an important factor affecting the ultrasonic cleaning effect. There are many types of domestic market cleaning agents. The viscosity, scattered points, stability, and reaction activity of each cleaning agent are different. By analyzing the performance of industrial ultrasonic parts cleaners, the appropriate water-based cleaner and solvent cleaning agent can be used. Improve the surface cleaning effect of the product. Because the cleaning effect is different, what kind of cleaning agent is suitable for large industrial ultrasonic parts cleaners? What is the difference between solvent ultrasonic cleaning agents and water-based ultrasonic cleaning agents?

1. The solvent type ultrasonic cleaning agent is usually a mixture of solvent type and high volatile organic compounds. The main components of this large industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner are hydrocarbons and organic compounds. The hydrocarbon solvents have good material compatibility, the volatile rate and temperature point are different, but the toxicity is low. Chloride organic solvents are relatively toxic and have poor compatibility with materials, but they are dry and not flammable. In large-scale production, this solvent-type ultrasonic cleaning agent generally requires professional ultrasonic cleaning agents to meet the demand for antivirus or fire problems.

It has excellent decontamination and cleaning performance, does not require dehydrated ability, and can extract and regenerate ultrasonic cleaning agents, solving the problem of difficulty treatment of water-based cleaning agent waste liquids, and no additional investment in waste liquid treatment equipment is required. If the cleaning object requires high-speed volatilization, high cleaning efficiency, and high rust prevention requirements, a solvent-type ultrasonic cleaner can be considered, and its disadvantage is expensive and flammable. In addition, the smell of solvent will affect the working environment, especially the use of large industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner because it is not sealed.

2. Water-based cleaning agent is a kind of water-based cleaner. When using an ultrasonic cleaning agent, the cleaning agent is generally a water-based cleaning agent, but the buyer should understand the water-based cleaner. If there is no rust-proof function, the metal parts will rust faster, so if the surface maintenance layer is removed after cleaning, the embroidery will be faster. If the rust-proof requirements are high, a water-based cleaning agent with anti -rust-proof function is made. If water-based detergent products contain rust-proof ingredients, these ingredients may reduce the amount of water-based detergent. Compared with organic solvent products, water-based cleaning agents have the advantages of low price, safety, and environmental protection.

Most of the large-scale cleaning products of industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner are metal workpieces, copper aluminum plates, optical glass, etc., which are relatively small and clean. Ultrasonic cleaning is essentially immersed. All water-based cleaners must be used. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning uses ultra-high frequency vibration to achieve the cleaning effect. Therefore, the environmental protection and safety issues of the cleaning agent are bound to be more serious. Therefore, overall, ultrasonic cleaning agents must be matched with water-based environmental protection cleaner products to achieve efficient environmental protection.

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Selection of cleaning agent for industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner