Knowledge | 2022-02-21

What industries are industrial ultrasonic cleaners suitable for?


Because the characteristic of ultrasonic efficient cleaning is that has cleaning results that can not be reached by manual cleaning and general machine cleaning. So the ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used. Especially the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine.  So what industries are using industrial ultrasonic cleaner?

1. Aerospace: mainly cleaning fuel filters, engines, wheels, brake systems, bearings, heat exchangers, flow control equipment, gyroscopes, artificial satellites, aviation hydraulic systems on the oxide, dust, chips, rust, carbon, scale, and so on;

2. Railway: all kinds of gate valve, brake valve, shock absorber, bearing kit, bus, refrigerator car refrigeration system condenser, radiator, locomotive internal combustion engine parts, electrical parts;

3. Automotive industry: cylinder block, cover, steering gear, adjusters and various machining parts, chassis;

4. Liquid Crystal (LCD) manufacturing: LCD basic cleaning before coating ITO film, LCD basic etching, cleaning job before and after perfusion of liquid crystals;

5. Optical devices: Camera Lens, microscope, telescope, glasses, watch glass;

6. Containers: all kinds of oral liquid containers, food glass metal containers, cosmetic containers, packaging containers, dental tool cleaning, inspection plate, etc.

7. Medical appliances: endoscopy, surgical instruments, syringes, test tubes, biochemical test containers, blood, tissue fluid, dirt cleaning, etc .;

8. Electronic manufacturing, communication, computer: SMT patch, Weld solder impurities after PCB plate welding, etc .;

9. Microelectronics: Working process of single-crystal silicon wafers and integrated circuit manufacturing;

10. Electronic electrical components: various resistors, capacitances, electronic devices, porcelain devices, and low-voltage electrical products;

11. Hardware stamping parts: oil removal, decontamination, rust removal, oxides removal, and other cleanings after stamping for various metal parts.

12. Machinery parts:  oil removal, chip removal, rust removal, oxide removal, decontamination, and other cleanings for all kinds of precision metal parts

13. Home appliances: all kinds of home appliances manufacturing such as a color tube, air conditioning, refrigerator parts, water heater, cooker, cooker, induction cooker, electric fan, Juicer, iron, and other cleanings;

14. Electroplating, vacuum plating:  rust oxide layer removal, oil removal, polishing wax removal, polishing paste removal, and other cleanings before plating.

15. Watches, glasses, jewelry: precision cleaning for the production process of metal watchcase, strap, movement parts, glasses frame, jewelry research after the polishing;

16. Motor, micro-motor: oil cleaning for the rotor, Gap, steel sheet, casing, and motor sheet;

17. Maintenance cleaning: oil and dust cleaning for various equipment, facilities, transportation vehicle tools, household appliance during the repair job. There are more applications like rubber roller cleaning in the printing industry, silkscreen cleaning, printer spray head cleaning, CD / VCD / DVD CD cleaning, etc.

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