Knowledge | 2022-02-19

Common fault analysis and testing of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines


When the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine has caused the failure of normal use, the following cases are generally the following:

1. The fuse damage: in the boot, if there is no power display, no action, first to see whether the power base fuse is damaged.

Analysis: The user's ground wire may be mixed with the live wire or neutral wire. And is not grounded (the ground wire is connected to the machine housing). It may also be a machine short circuit, and a short circuit of the component aging, causing the fuse to damage.

Test: Take out the fuse to see if there is a break. Then use the tool to see if it is already disconnected. If it is damaged, please replace the new device as soon as possible.

2. The transducer is damaged:

Analysis: It may be due to a long time operation, the temperature will gradually increase. This results in a colloid melt, transducer falling off or a transducer ceramic portion breaks.

Detection: Measuring the insulation strength of the transducer with a shaker. The insulation strength is not available below 200MΩ, and a new transducer is required. Internal ceramics of the transducer will also make it unable to work due to long-term use.

3. The power tube is damaged:

Analysis: The power tube on the motherboard will make the power short-circuit conditions due to the long-term use of the machine or when the cleaning liquid is too little.

Detection: When the power tube is connected to the motherboard, measure the resistance of the power tube on both sides of the pin in the power tube. Under normal circumstances should be around 22Ω, after the power tube (disconnected from the motherboard), the measurement of the pin should be disconnected.