Knowledge | 2022-02-22

5 features of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine


Because the cleaning effect is good and the quality assurance, the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine has been increasingly developed and applied. More and more relevant staff have gradually realized that it has a very good convenience and efficiency on parts cleaning. So, in order to use the best industrial ultrasonic cleaner, we need to make a better understanding of its characteristics.

First, the cleaning effect is good.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines can clean all parts and dead angles in the workpiece while maintaining high-efficiency cleaning. In particular, cleaning of fine blind holes that are difficult to touch in precision parts, shaped parts, and artificial difficulties can achieve thorough and fast lossless cleaning effects;

Second, the cleaning function is more.

Industrial ultrasound cleaning machines can achieve both single workpiece cleaning, and can also achieve batch cleaning of workpieces. In addition, there are also functions such as coarse washing, fine washing, and automatic cleaning, and it also has a working time adjustable, cleaning temperature, and many functions such as self-setting cleaning procedures.

Third, the labor cost is low.

Since the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve automatic cleaning and drying of the workpiece. Therefore, only one operator can complete the cleaning work on each of the workpiece cleaning. This greatly reduces labor and cleaning time. This also effectively reduces artificial cleaning costs.

Fourth, the service life is long.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines use high-end first-class or imported ultrasound core components. Therefore, it is strongly guaranteed that it is better working performance and longer service life. We can use it with confidence.

Fifth, with environmental protection.

By using environmentally friendly solvent cleaning, water-based cleaning, pure water rinsing, etc., which effectively reduces the pollution of harmful solvents and meets the basic requirements of environmental protection.

In general, the five major characteristics of the above industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine are sufficient to illustrate it with a very good working performance and cleaning effect. So, as long as we correctly master its characteristics, then we can make better judgments and choices based on its characteristics, thereby reducing a lot of unnecessary trouble and loss.

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