Knowledge | 2022-02-28

What are the product characteristics of household ultrasonic cleaners?


With the development of science and technology, the related technical fields are penetrating each other. Ultrasonic technology is not only widely used in engineering, machinery, electronics, chemical, biological, medical, and other fields. It also plays a huge role in everyday life. Household ultrasonic cleaning machine is more and more favored, so what are their product characteristics? Today, let me introduce it to you.

1. Good cleaning effect. It also effectively cleans the deep hole, fine seams, and irregular workpieces.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning can also reach a bacterium, dissolve organic pollutants, prevent corrosion, and other effects on the object.

3. Ultrasonic power conversion efficiency is high, and the cleaning speed is fast. It has increased several times to dozen times higher than the efficiency of the traditional cleaning method.

4. Classic practical design, novel style. It saves solvents, saves workplace and artificiality when cleaning the workpiece.

5. The cleaning tank is stamped with high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. It has no welding. Its waterproof performance is good.

6. Intelligent humanized control circuit guarantees product reliability and extends product service life.

7. When cleaning the workpiece, there is no need to contact the cleaning liquid and stir the parts with a hand. It has no damage to the surface of the workpiece, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is a health guard by your side.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle

     How is the ultrasonic cleaning machine achieve the effect of cleaning? As long as it understands the cleaning principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, it will know why the ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve better results than artificial cleaning. It is found that ultrasonic waves act in liquids, which will release the detergent time of each bubble in the liquid to release extremely large impact wave energy. This is equivalent to the instant release of up to thousands of atmospheric pressure, which is called the "cavitation effect".The cleaning effect of ultrasonic waves is to reach the effect of the outer table of the workpiece form by means of the impact wave of bubble bubbles in the liquid. The "cavitation effect" of ultrasound is powerful. It has the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength, small width, especially direction, and can become rays and directional communication. Therefore, ultrasonic detection is widely used in industrial, national defense, biomedical, etc. As the technology continues to advance, the development cost reduction, ultrasonic applications have also entered the household and commercial series.

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