Knowledge | 2022-03-01

Can the laboratory cuvette be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner? What are the maintenance methods?


The cuvette is a device for spectral analysis. It is mainly a strong context with quartz powder. It is also a very important device in the laboratory. Because many concentration tests are measured by spectrophotometry, they should be careful. And pay attention to use and clean. So, can the cuvette cleaning with ultrasound?

The cuvette is an experimental instrument. The inner wall of the cuvette has always been unable to clean with a hand. For example, when doing optical experiments, it will encounter a problem of cuvette cleaning. Especially the cuvette was cleaned with a color dish after the colorimeter. For the colors that cannot be washed from the cuvette, it is more troublesome, and it is not possible to use the cleaning liquid. Because this will damage the cuvette, the color dish is small. Cleaning is often unclear, resulting in an error in analysis. More and more laboratories are aware of the convenience and practicability of ultrasonic cleaning. Experimental instruments are generally fragile, afraid of vibration, or toxic and harmful substances.

As a high-tech product, the laboratory ultrasonic cleaner can clean various laboratory instruments like utensils, containers, etc. The ultrasonic cleaning machine used in the laboratory is very high. Traditional hand washing is unable to achieve the ideal laboratory cleanliness. Because the inner wall of the laboratory equipment is not cleaned at all, it can be done with a laboratory ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration directly penetrates the inner wall of the glassware and fine gaps, small holes, dead angles, cursors, specific tubes, weighing bottles, reagents, glass sheets, test tubes, or components. In addition, a high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is recommended for a small gap such as a cuvette. The higher the frequency, the smaller the airborne bubble, the weaker the cavitation strength, the attenuation is relatively large. The blue whale laboratory ultrasonic cleaner has many functions. It can be said that it is a very good product, and many laboratories have solved cumbersome things.

Correct maintenance method for laboratory ultrasonic cleaner

The laboratory has been considered a strict and serious place. All work must follow a specific program. The equipment used is carefully selected. How should an ultrasonic cleaning machine be used for an important cleaning equipment laboratory?

3 steps to solve maintenance problem of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Place the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine in a place away from bacteria. Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines are generally made of 304 materials. Usually, the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine should be placed away from bacteria to prevent accidents. At the same time, to avoid erosion of various bacteria, damage and pollution are damaged.

2, timely cleaning of the stubborn dirt left after work. Each time you use a laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, the cleaning work of the ultrasonic cleaning machine should be performed in time. Liquid and dirt are factually dropped with residual liquid in the cleaning tank. Solve the normal use of subsequent ultrasonic cleaning machines. This is because once the stubborn dirt is attached to the washing machine, it may affect the normal use and cleaning effect of the cleaning machine.

3, regularly check the key components of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine. Regardless of the quality of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, it should be observed to observe the operational state of key components through regular inspection. With these parts, the cleaning machine can run stably. If the parts are maintained properly, different levels of problems will occur inside and outside the cleaning machine. Experimental instruments may be damaged by machine failure, so this should be avoided.

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