Knowledge | 2022-02-25

Main application and matters of single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine


Whale Cleen single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine has many specifications, which can provide custom services according to customer requirements. Main application: Ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning work in various industries. For example electronic parts, electroplating, hardware, watches, straps, tools, optical lenses, jewelry, lenses, glasses frames, semi-body silicon wafers, spool board filters, glassware, automotive parts, etc.

Precautions for maintaining single tank ultrasonic cleaner and large custom ultrasonic cleaner

1. Ultrasonic generators should be kept dry and should be stored in a humid environment. It is strictly forbidden to contact the conductive liquid (such as water) from the ultrasonic control cabinet, otherwise, it will burn the machine.

2, the ultrasonic cleaning machine should turn off the ultrasonic generator power supply when the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not used.

3. Avoid causing collisions or violent vibrations to the machine.

4, ultrasonic cleaning machine generator and cleaning tank should be away from heat source.

5, the ultrasonic cleaning machine should do not work for a long time, working for a few hours.

6, the machine is as far as possible in the ventilation to facilitate heat dissipation of the machine.

7. To ensure the cleaning effect, change the cleaning liquid in time.

8. Try to avoid the use of a strong acid alkaline cleaning agent.

9, when the cleaning is completed and the machine is turned off, please pour out the cleaning liquid if not used for a long time.

10. After the cleaning machine is used, cover it with the lid and do a good job of dust and moisture.

11. It is strictly forbidden to boot without water.

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