Knowledge | 2022-05-21

What are the advantages of an industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine?


The ultrasonic frequency is high, the wavelength is short, and the propagation has a strong direction. It can be converted into a narrow-oriented wire beam. It has a strong reflection capacity, high power, and concentrated energy and is much larger than ordinary sound waves. It can be carried out inside the gap pores. It is often used for cleaning the surface shape, and the workpiece with fine pores and slits is often used. Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used, especially for metal, glass, and plastic materials. The washing speed is fast and effective. Under certain conditions, water can be used instead of chemical reagents for cleaning to avoid secondary pollution of the environment. In recent years, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines have been widely used in the fields of surface spray treatment.

What are the advantages of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines?

Mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

1. High cleaning efficiency, good effect compared to manual or other cleaning methods, the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine has a very significant cleaning effect, and it can fully and effectively clean all the dead angles of the workpiece, so as The cleaning requirements of the hidden corner.

2. Batch cleaning can be performed in a single workpiece with a complex structure or a large number of batch workpieces. You only need to put these workpieces in the cleaning tank and ensure that each component can be exposed to the cleaning solution. Make very efficient cleaning work.

3. Applicative wide industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve different cleaning effects in combination with different solvents. At the same time, it can also meet different supporting production processes, such as dust removal, removing oil, waxing, passivation, phosphorization, pottery, and pottery, cleaning before electroplating, and so on.

4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines are equipped with a cleaning recycling system, which can recycle and repeated the use of cleaning solvents, saving cleaning solvents costs, saving water-saving resources, etc., and truly capable of saving and environmental protection.

In the mechanical processing industry, ultrasonic waves can be used to clean the parts before and after processing, and use the shock wave generated by the ultrasonic empty effect impacts the surface of the cleaning object to form a powerful sound wave flow. Realizing surface cleaning can effectively improve surface processing quality.

Ultrasonic cleaning has the advantages of good effect, low cost, high efficiency, environmental protection, and safety. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries. The effect of ultrasonic cleaning is affected by many factors. The sound field distribution within the scope of cleaning is particularly significant on it, and ultrasonic cleaning can cause a certain degree of damage. Combined with the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning, by changing the shape of the cleaning slot, adjusting the ultrasonic frequency, using dual/multi-frequency ultrasound, and changing the position of the generator to make the sound field distribution within the scrubbing range more uniform. Advantages, improve the efficiency of cleaning and make the ultrasonic cleaning machine more fully used in various industrial fields.

What are the advantages of an industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine?