Knowledge | 2022-05-21

Important matters that need to be understood when buying an ultrasonic washer


When you choose the correct ultrasonic washer, you should be able to work quickly and clean your components without damaging the soft surface or precision parts. Therefore, a few key features must be selected correctly, otherwise the cleaning machine may not work properly. Experienced ultrasonic cleaning system manufacturers can help ensure that you can get a system that suits your cleaning application.

The ultrasonic frequency is important for ensuring fast and thorough cleaning

The cleaning strength of the ultrasonic washer changes with frequency. The ultrasonic cleaning machine produces a tiny air bladder bubble in the cleaning solution by using an ultrasonic cleaning generator to remove the surface pollutants waiting for the cleaning parts. Low frequency produces large bubbles and energy cleaning, while high-frequency air bubbles are smaller and low in energy.

The lowest ultrasonic frequency (about 20 to 40 kHz) provides the strongest cleaning effect, and higher frequencies (up to 1 MHz) will generate lower and lower cleaning strength. Strong parts with hard surfaces can be quickly cleaned at the lowest frequency, while more fragile parts, parts with fine coating, or parts with soft surfaces require higher frequencies to avoid erosion or mechanical damage. The ideal situation is to choose the minimum frequency so that the parts are not damaged but can be quickly cleaned.

The ultrasonic cleaning system must be strong enough to adapt to the size of the water tank

Ultrasonic cleaning occurs anywhere where the cleaning solution can penetrate, but if the system is not strong enough, the cleaning slot may appear to die, and the cleaning may be uneven. Large storage tanks may require multiple ultrasonic converters to ensure the uniform distribution of air bubbles. The number of converters and their location in the water tank will affect cleaning performance.

Manufacturers who provide industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems can analyze the requirements of cleaning applications and recommend systems with sufficient power levels. If the power is insufficient or the power is unevenly distributed in the entire cleaning slot, the ultrasonic washer may not be able to run as expected.

Make sure that the size of the slot can accommodate your parts

The components to be cleaned must be completely immersed in the cleaning solution. The tank can be customized to designed to accommodate long parts, square parts, or parts of different shapes and sizes. The key is to ensure that the longest part can be installed in the water tank. When many small parts are cleaned, the baskets can be fixed and they prevent them from vibrating on the side of the water tank. In this case, the water tank must be large enough to accommodate the basket.

Heating and cleaning solutions may speed up the cleaning process.

Oily or greasy residues and hardening sediments can be softened by a heating cleaning solution. Although the ultrasonic washers can work without heating, when these pollutants soften, the cleaning process will be faster. If the cleaning application involves the softer sediment at higher temperatures, the heated water tank can improve the cleaning performance.

A mild detergent can dissolve pollutants

The industrial ultrasonic cleaning system can use only ordinary water for effective cleaning, but if a mild cleaner or solvent is added to the cleaning solution, some pollutants will be easier to remove. The cleaner can help loosen the sediments. For pollutants that are particularly difficult to clean, they can use specific solvents to accelerate cleaning.

Blue Whale provides customers with expert guidance to choose the correct system, and can also provide suggestions for cleaning agents based on cleaning applications. In addition to helping to solve challenging cleaning problems, our industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine product line also provides excellent cleaning performance. It has a unique 3D Hyper proprietary waveform, which can quickly clean precision components without damage.

Important matters that need to be understood when buying an ultrasonic washer