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Ultrasonic washing machine for coating pretreatment


On the back of the optical glass, a metal silver (or aluminum) film is coated by a vacuum coating to make the incident light reflect the optical element. The output power of the laser can be doubled by using a reflector with a high reflection ratio, which is the first reflecting surface and has no distortion and double image.

There are two processes for optical components (mirrors) :

1, lens raw material cleaning; vacuum coating; cleaning; coating.

2. Cutting; chamfering; cleaning.

Introduction of Ultrasonic Washing Machine for coating pretreatment

1. How it works:

The ultrasonic generator is also called an ultrasonic power supply. It is a device used to generate ultrasonic frequency electrical energy and provided to the ultrasonic converter. The generator generates electrical energy for the converter. And radiate ultrasonic waves through cleaning liquid, and the micro-bubbles in the liquid vibration vibrate under the action of sound waves. When the sound pressure or sound is strongly reached a certain value, the bubbles grow rapidly, and then they suddenly close. The physical phenomenon of ultrasonic and vacuum, the huge pressure generated by the vacation, on the one hand, destroys the dirt and the surface of the substrate, and the liquid fraction is added, so that the dirt on the surface of the workpiece can quickly fall off and achieve the purpose of its high cleanliness. In the action of ultrasound, optical components can be completed in two or three minutes. The speed can increase several times to dozens of times compared to the traditional method, and the cleanliness has reached high standards.

Introduction of Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology for coating pretreatment

Ro rinse tank:

Each tank is equipped with four overflow openings, the width of the overflow tank is 35mm. Each tank is an independent circulation tank. The circulation pump extracts the lotion from the liquid storage tank, filters it, and transports it back to the cleaning tank, i. e. the alphabet tank circulation.

Set up a stand-alone circulating filtration system.

A liquid discharge valve is arranged at the bottom of each trough and is connected in series with each other to the main discharge pipe.

Temperature sensor in the tank, Temperature Control Range: RT-100 °C.

Set the throw motion outside the tank.

IPA ultrasonic tank:

The cleaning tank is provided with a serrated overflow opening around it. It can quickly and uniformly remove the floating material on the surface of the cleaning agent. At the same time, the overflow liquid enters the liquid storage tank and is recycled after being filtered. The bottom of the tank is provided with a discharge valve. It can discharge the liquid into the former tank storage tank through a manual ball valve or directly through IPA special pipeline.

Steam bath, slow pull drying tank:

The heating method of steam bath is indirectly heated by high-temperature oil outsourcing. Due to the high heating temperature of high-temperature oil and uniform heating density for IPA, it can obtain uniform and sufficient steam density, and achieve good steaming effects and drying effects. Because of the indirect heating of outsourcing and high safety.

To reduce volatilization, reduce the cost of use, prevent odor overflow, and get good cooling and drying effects, therefore, setting a cooling range in the upper part, provide cold water sources from 10HP cold water machines, and provide a cold tube in each slot storage box.

Because IPA is easy to dissolve in water, the concentration will be reduced after a certain period. To ensure the steaming and drying effect, an IPA solution is required regularly. When replacing the ball valve control, it can be discharged to the waste liquid box.

Principles of Raising Agency:

Except for high-precision surface cleaning, in addition to a reasonable cleaning process and configuration, it requires a good dehydration effect. If there is any dirt or accumulation point on the surface of the workpiece, the coating fails. The IPA has a higher boiling point and can be soluble in water better. After the effective dehydration of the previous IPA and the steam bath of the slot, the surface of the workpiece has already stored the IPA, which is effectively lost after high temperature. This can achieve the purpose of high -consciousness and dryness on the surface.

Principle of throwing agency:

During the cleaning process, the workpiece can be evenly moved. It can increase the friction between the workpiece and liquid. It is conducive to the rapid falling off the surface dirt and improving the cleaning effect.

Ultrasonic washing machine for coating pretreatment