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Precautions for using a multi-groove ultrasound cleaning machine


Ultrasonic cleaning originated in the 1960s. Since the advent of ultrasonic technology, scientists have discovered that ultrasonic in a certain frequency range acts in liquid media and can achieve the role of cleaning. As we all know, the sound people hear is the sound wave signal of 20-20000Hz frequency. The sound waves higher than 20000Hz are beyond the upper limit of human hearing. Passing in turn, when the weak sound wave signal acts in the liquid, a certain negative pressure will be generated in the liquid. So that there are many small bubbles in the liquid. When the strong acoustic signal acts on the liquid, produces a positive pressure on the liquid. As a result, tiny bubbles formed in the liquid are instantly crushed. Studies have shown that when Sonication is in a liquid, the bursting of each bubble in the liquid creates a shock wave that is equivalent to an instant of hundreds of degrees Celsius of heat and thousands of atmospheres of pressure. This phenomenon is known as the cavitation effect. ultrasonic cleaning is the use of liquid bubble rupture generated by the shock wave to achieve cleaning and washing of the surface of the workpiece inside and outside. With the application of ultrasonic cleaning technology in more and more industries, the use of multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machines is also increasing.

Below, I will introduce the precautions for the use of multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machines:

1. Cleaning basket

In the use of multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, some of the smaller parts often need to use the cleaning basket. But the cleaning basket on the mesh will cause ultrasonic attenuation. So you need to pay special attention to it. At the same time, you need to pay attention to choosing the appropriate mesh size cleaning basket. In addition, it is recommended to use stainless steel cleaning basket, and try not to use a plastic frame. This can prevent the generation of static electricity.

2. Cleaning time

The time of each process is usually three to five minutes during cleaning. If the surface area of the cleaning items is relatively large, or the structure of the workpiece is complicated, you need to pay attention to adjusting the cleaning time of the multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine appropriately according to the actual situation. If the cleaning object is prone to overlap and adhesion, the workpiece can be shaken when washed and removed from the slot. So that the cleaning agent is fully exposed to the workpiece to improve the cleaning effect.

3. Adding liquid and mixture

You can not add too much cleaning liquid when you use a multi-tank ultrasonic cleaner to clean parts.  So as not to mix ultrasound cleaning agents between two tanks. At the same time, it can avoid the mucus of the cleaning basket when draining. In addition, each slot of the multi-groove ultrasonic cleaner should have an independent operation process. Be careful not to mix the cleaning agents between two slots. At the same time, do not artificially reduce the operation process and cleaning operation time. 

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Precautions for using a multi-groove ultrasound cleaning machine