Knowledge | 2022-05-11

What should be paid attention to using a desktop ultrasonic cleaner?


Desktop ultrasonic cleaners were widely used in Hardware, Jewelry stores, Glasses, Family, Hospital, Dental, School, Laboratory, Electronic Industry, Factory, Restaurant, Electrical Repair Store, Aerospace Manufacturing, etc. Then what should you look out for when you use a desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1. When the desktop ultrasonic cleaner is running normally, it should be able to hear the even sound of the resonance between the ultrasonic wave and the tank body. And there is no agitation on the surface of the cleaning fluid. It only has a water splash caused by cavitation. If there is intermittent vibration, please add some cleaning fluid or reduce the amount of cleaning fluid. This eliminates vibration and facilitates the cleaning of objects. Every high-performance table-top ultrasonic cleaning machine has imposed a rigid limit on the water level in the tank. Any ultrasonic cleaning machine product can not be operated without liquid. Please use the basket when you clean with an ultrasonic cleaner. If the hard material comes into contact with the bottom of the inner groove, it may cause permanent damage to the inner groove. If any foreign matter falls into the bottom of the tank, it should be taken out immediately.

2, Let the machine run intermittently and do not increase the temperature if you can clean your part. Because the heat and long time work will increase the temperature rapidly in the machine. It is easy to accelerate the aging of electronic devices in the box. In principle, you need to rest the machine after a certain time of working. As for its continuous working time, it depends on the product. Do Not operate the machine for too long. It is recommended to rest for a few minutes after working 30 minutes. This is for better maintaining the machine. Please do not take off the machine when you have a problem. It is necessary to contact the salesperson from the factory.

3, Generally you can not clean parts with strong acid and alkali. Also, you can not add corrosive solution with strong acid and alkali in the tank. You must turn off the machine and take off the plug when you exchange the cleaning solution or pour the solution. It will be better to do this while the cleaning solution is at a normal temperature. Please always keep the tank clean when you finish the job. About the cleaning solution, you should take detailed consideration and follow the instruction strictly. If the machine price is too high, it is necessary to do a sample test.

4, It's clearly stated that you should not use the inflammable and explosive solution for desktop ultrasonic cleaner. Please ensure that the cleaning machine has reliable grounding during use. Please wear professional protective tools during operation. Ensure the dryness of the board of the table-type ultrasonic cleaning machine. Prevent the washing liquid and water from splashing into the cabinet and jar. 

Please refer to the above contents when you use the tabletop ultrasonic cleaner!

What should be paid attention to using a desktop ultrasonic cleaner?