Knowledge | 2022-05-13

Ultrasonic washer machine for engine cylinder head and other box parts


The cleaning of box components such as the engine cylinder head has always been a headache and technical problem. Because the inner cavity of such parts is more complicated, the internal iron dumping and sticky sand are difficult to remove, so the cleanliness is very unstable. Often worse. In terms of the cleanliness of the cylinder head, although technical research has been carried out. Many measures have been taken, such as strengthening the debut of each cleaning station. It can improve the capacity of existing cleaning equipment and reduce the cycle of the transfer of workpieces. Besides, they also increase workers to do the cleaning job. But it still can not achieve the ideal cleaning effect.  Finally, it must be done by the traditional soaking process. Soaking is okay for smaller batch production. However, for a large number of production, due to the long cleaning time, the production of production can not be satisfied. As a result, costs will increase. To completely solve the problem of cleanliness, new technologies and new equipment must be adopted. Many companies in the manufacturing industry now use automatic ultrasonic washer machines for cleaning. Let's introduce the principle of the ultrasonic washer machine below.

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning

Cavitation in liquid can clean the dirt on the surface of an object, the principle of Cavitation can be explained by the Cavitation phenomenon, and the effect of cleaning is closely related to the intensity of Cavitation in liquid. The power density of the ultrasonic wave is about 0.35 w/CM2 when the pressure of the ultrasonic wave reaches one atmosphere, at this point, the peak pressure of the ultrasonic wave propagating in the liquid can easily reach the vacuum or negative pressure, but in fact, there is no negative pressure phenomenon, thus producing a large force in the liquid, the liquid molecules are pulled into a cavity (cavitation core), which is a vacuum or very close to a vacuum. The cavity reaches its maximum value in one and a half weeks under the signal voltage (or ultrasonic pressure). Is crushed by increased ambient pressure, where the violent collision of liquid molecules creates a very strong impact force, which is then knocked down by the dirt that washes off the surface, these tiny, dense bubbles break up and produce a shock wave known as cavitation. This cavitation is very easy to produce at the junction of solid and liquid, so being immersed in the ultrasonic action of the liquid objects has an extraordinary cleaning effect. In addition, because ultrasonic has a strong role in penetrating the solid, can penetrate to the other side of the surface of the washed object, as well as all immersed in the medium cavity, blind hole, slit, the dirt attached to the surface of the cleaning object is peeled off to achieve a perfect cleaning effect. At the same time, the ultrasonic has the function of emulsifying and neutralizing, which can effectively prevent the washed oil from re-attaching to the washed object. Therefore, the cavitation of the body immersed in the liquid under the Sonication surface (such as pipe, box) can be cleaned, which is superior to other cleaning means ultrasonic cleaning important aspects.

Source of ultrasonic cleaning power

Ultrasonic cleaning generally uses two cleaning agents: chemical solvents and water powder, oil and grease have the role of dissolution and penetration of dirt, which is a chemical force. Ultrasonic cavitation is physical, ultrasonic cleaning is a combination of chemical and physical effects. Firstly, the dirt is permeated and dissolved by chemical action, and then the dirt layer on the surface is peeled off by the impact force produced by ultrasonic cavitation, it is stirred, dispersed, emulsified, and prevented from reattaching to the object after being removed from the surface.

The cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine on the engine cylinder head and other box parts is better, and the removal rate of the sundries is higher, especially on the machining surface.

Ultrasonic washer machine for engine cylinder head and other box parts