Knowledge | 2022-05-13

Can ultrasonic parts cleaner clean up oil pollution on the surface of copper?


During the production and processing of copper parts, various types of oil are attached to the surface. And cleaning is an indispensable process. If you want to clean the surface of the copper parts, you must maintain their original luster. And you must have the professional cleaning equipment to solve it. So, can the surface oil of copper parts be cleaned with ultrasonic?

Oil removal of ultrasonic parts cleaner is to make use of the cavitation effect of ultrasonic in the cleaning fluid to produce a cleaning effect on the workpiece. The Ultrasonic transducer mounted on the bottom of the tank of the ultrasonic parts cleaner transmits ultrasonic waves to the cleaning fluid in the tank through the wall of the cleaning tank, under the high-frequency vibration of the ultrasonic waves, millions of tiny bubbles are created in the cleaning liquid. The process of forming, growing, and rapidly breaking up the bubbles is called the cavitation effect. The cavitation effect can accelerate the dispersion of the oil on the surface of the copper parts and the phase interface of the cleaning liquid, and form the emulsification, which makes the oil disperse into the cleaning liquid rapidly. After the cavitation bubble burst, a high-speed micro-torrent is generated nearby, which enhances the stirring effect. Therefore, under the double action of emulsification and stirring, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can efficiently remove the oil stain on the surface of copper parts.

Compared with other methods, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the following advantages:

1. Ultrasonic cleaning does not limit the shape of copper parts. The copper parts with complicated structures, deep holes, blind holes, and the narrow gap can be cleaned effectively.

2, the ultrasonic cleaning process can achieve automation, and batch cleaning operations. It can improve cleaning efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of staff.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning has a high degree of cleanliness. As long as it can touch the part of the cleaning medium, the cleaning effect is uniform and consistent.

4, It can reduce the amount of degreasing agents. It can save the cost of cleaning. It can reduce pollution to the environment.

5. No damage to copper parts.

Can you use ultrasonic parts cleaner to clean oil on the surface of copper? Using an ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil from copper parts, different oil removers are needed for different oil stains, cleaning agent is chemical action, while an ultrasonic cleaning machine is a physical action, these two functions are combined, on the surface of the copper can be a more complete and thorough cleaning of oil.

Can ultrasonic parts cleaner clean up oil pollution on the surface of copper?