Knowledge | 2022-04-22

Ultrasonic parts cleaner for motorcycle piston ring


Motorcycles are an important means of transportation for us to travel conveniently. However, the motorcycle will inevitably appear some endless problems.

A colleague of mine recently bought a new motorcycle to make it easier to go to work and off work. However, a few days later, his motorcycle piston has problems. People who know cars know that the piston group is one of the main parts of the engine to do work. In all kinds of faults of a motorcycle engine, the piston group fault accounts for a certain proportion. No doubt we will think that the damage and wear of the piston group were neglected by the manufacturers during the processing. This led to a decline in the role of scraping oil. It would lead to the situation of burning engine oil. It is clear to the professionals that the harm of burning engine oil is not only to consume more engine oil but also to increase the possibility of incomplete combustion in the combustion chamber due to excessive engine oil combustion. So that emissions in the driving process, there will be idle instability, lack of acceleration, and other symptoms. It also accelerates the damage to the oxygen sensor, causing three-way catalytic converter blockage. If you are in a vicious circle, you will have a serious result of pulling tanks, and engine scrap. This will affect the performance and service life of the motorcycle. It is not necessary to happen to consumers. So how to solve it? Replace the piston ring is good, but the cost is high. So how to solve it better, more conveniently, and save time? Blue whale ultrasonic parts cleaner is a nice choice. 

To save cost and make it better for customers, Guangdong blue whale has invented a motorcycle piston ring ultrasonic parts cleaner. It can avoid the shortcomings of cleaning piston rings traditionally.  The equipment is using the physical cleaning effect of the ultrasonic parts cleaner to clean the hidden rust and wear entirely. This won't bring damage to the piston ring. How does this equipment clean the piston ring? 

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is a physical cleaning method, and when it combines with the chemical cleaning method, its cleaning efficiency is different. With different cleaning agents, its effect is greatly different from the reaction. Of course, this is uniquely associated with the ultrasound itself. For example, ultrasonic power and frequency, and their size. This can directly affect the factors of the entire cleaning process.

And using ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment will bring more economic benefits.

(1) Economic benefits

Guangdong Blue Whale Ultrasound Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. promotes ultrasonic cleaning technology for over 18 years. It can save the gasoline per year, by approximately 9,5106 liters, equivalent to 99956.4 ㎏ Standard coal. So it can save more than 500,000 yuan. It is a great economical effect.

(2) Social benefits

The promotion and application of the ultrasonic cleaning machine completely change the cleaning method of the motorcycle piston. This saving valuable oil resources also reduces waste oil emissions. This improved maintenance efficiency and reduces maintenance costs and achieved good social benefits.

(3) Comprehensive effect

The use of water solutions in ultrasonic cleaning machines not only has good economic and social benefits but also reduces the labor intensity of workers. At the same time, it improves the dirty working environment and eliminates the hidden danger of inflammable and explosive in the process of gasoline cleaning.  It is a major change in the cleaning process of the automobile maintenance industry.

Thus, the choice of piston ring ultrasonic parts cleaner is fully able to get a thorough cleaning. The state of affairs is changing, technological innovation is everywhere; the blue whale ultrasonic equipment will continue to explore new technology. So that more professional products will come out. It can achieve a higher cleaning effect and let the customer buy a suitable product with a guarantee.

Ultrasonic parts cleaner for motorcycle piston ring