Knowledge | 2022-04-24

Application of full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine in phosphating treatment


Working principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine: it is a high-frequency oscillation signal sent by the ultrasonic generator. It is transformed into high-frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and transmitted to a medium-cleaning solvent.  The ultrasonic wave radiates in the cleaning liquid. It makes the liquid flow and produces tens of thousands of tiny bubbles with diameters of 50-500mm. The tiny bubbles in the liquid vibrate under the action of the sound field. These bubbles form and grow in the negative pressure zone of ultrasonic longitudinal propagation. And in the positive pressure zone, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value. The bubbles increase rapidly and then close suddenly. The shock wave is generated when the bubble is closed. It is producing thousands of atmospheric pressure around them and destroys insoluble dirt, making them dispersion in the cleaning liquid. When the group particles are wrapped in oil, and the oil is emulsified, solid Particles and disengaged. Thereby it can achieve the purification of cleaning parts. During this process of "cavitation" effect, bubble closing can form a high temperature and exceeds of a high temperature exceeding 1000 air pressure. It can continue to generate instantaneous high pressure and constant impact in a series of small "explosions". The surface of the object, so that the surface of the object and the fouling in the gap are rapidly peeled off. Thereby it can achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface cleaning of the object. 

The automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is a branch of an ultrasonic cleaning machine. It can be used for metal surface phosphating treatment. The so-called phosphating refers to the treatment of an acidic solution containing the metal workpiece through a phosphate dihydrate. A method of producing a stable insoluble phosphate film layer on its surface occurs.  The resulting film is referred to as a phosphating film. The primary purpose of the phosphating film is to increase the adhesion of the coating film and improve coating corrosion resistance.

If the traditional process is to use acid to deal with the workpiece. The environment pollution is heavy and the working environment is poor. At the same time, the biggest disadvantage is the complex parts of the acid pickling rust after cleaning. It is difficult to clean. After spraying the workpiece, the time is not long. Along the seam rust phenomenon, It destroys the coating surface. It will seriously affect the product's appearance and internal quality.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine technology applied to pre-coating treatment has several advantages:

First, common cleaning methods are difficult to achieve for very complex surface shapes. But they can be easily cleaned by placing them in a Guangdong blue whale ultrasonic cleaner with cleaning liquid.

Second, cleaning the surface of the workpiece will achieve a very uniform clean effect. Using the working principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can produce bubbles in the cleaning liquid evenly broken so that cleaning will be uniform.

Third, there will be no damage to the high-precision surface. For example, the use of water-based industrial cleaning agents to replace the traditional strong acid and strong base. This avoids strong acids, strong bases, and organic solvents from polluting the environment. This is environmentally friendly. Ultrasonic cleaning can also effectively reduce pollution. This can reduce the harm of toxic solvents to human beings.

Fourthly, it can be cleaned automatically without brushing manually. It can avoid the artificial damage and dirt of the workshop during manual cleaning.

After cleaning, the use of phosphate can improve corrosion resistance. The adhesion between the substrate and the coating or other organic finishing layer. And the cold working property of the material can be improved by cleaning the surface, such as wire drawing, pipe drawing, extrusion, etc.  And it can improve the surface friction properties to facilitate its sliding.

Our company specializes in the production of fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines. We can customize the machine according to the customer's needs and the size of the object. Of course, here to remind you: ultrasonic cleaning machine prices in the market there are no clear norms. Since there are many specifications, parameters, and functions of this equipment, the prices will naturally vary. Then the main factors affecting the price of ultrasonic cleaning machines are material, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic generator, operation mode (mechanical and numerical control), and additional functions (such as power and heating).

Application of full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine in phosphating treatment