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Structure and superiority of blue whale sonic parts washer


Ultrasonic cleaning methods exceed general routine cleaning methods. It is mainly composed of two parts: an ultrasonic cleaning tank and an ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic cleaning tanks are made of high-quality stainless steel with strong elasticity and resistance. Its ultrasonic transducer vibrator is mounted at the bottom. The ultrasonic generator generates high-frequency high pressure. The transducer is conducted to the transducer through the cable linkage line, and the transducer generates high-frequency resonance together to make the solvent in the cleaning tank to wash the dirt.

The ultrasonic cleaning principle is a high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator. The transducer is converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillation to medium. And the ultrasonic waves in the solvent in the cleaning fluid are refined. So that liquid activity produces tens of thousands of micro-bubbles, the micro-bubbles present in the liquid are vibrated under the action of the sound field. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles are rapidly increased and then close. The shock wave is generated when the bubble is closed. Nearby generate thousands of atmospheric pressure. It will destroy insoluble dirt, and make them disperse in the cleaning liquid. When the group particles are wrapped in oil, and the surface of the cleaning member is to be emulsified, solid particles disengage. Thereby achieving the purification of the cleaning parts.

Use of ultrasonic cleaning machine: at present we are exposed to the application of ultrasonic cleaning industry are electronics, machinery, electrical, glass, glasses, watches, electroplating, instruments, instruments, jewelry, medical, hardware, bearings, hydraulic, aviation, ceramics, chemical fiber, Pen, electroplating pretreatment and so on. It can be said to cover the modern industry.

Compared with other kinds of cleaning methods, the function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine shows great advantages.

1, The cleaning effect is good, the cleanliness is high and all the workpiece cleanliness is consistent. Ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the traditional immersion cleaning, pressure cleaning, gas cleaning, and steam cleaning process.

2. High efficiency and cleanliness of ultrasonic cleaning machine. It benefits from the penetration and cavitation of the sound wave as it propagates through the medium. Therefore, it is easy to clean the parts with complex shapes, inner cavity, and thin cavity, and the general oil removal, rust prevention, phosphating, and other processes can be completed in just two or three minutes under the Sonication.

3, The speed is several times to several times higher than the traditional method. Cleanliness can also achieve high standards. This does not have to touch the cleaning liquid in many cases with high quality and productivity requirements. It is safe and reliable. This makes it more prominent to achieve irreplaceable results while other treatment methods are difficult to achieve.

4, No damage to the surface of the workpiece. Save solvent, thermal energy, workplace, and labor.

Structure and superiority of blue whale sonic parts washer