Knowledge | 2022-03-21

Degreasing ultrasonic cleaning machine 丨 suitable for removing oil and wax of cylinder, hardware, and carbon steel.


How does ultrasonic degreaser work?

The cavitation is the rupture of millions of bubbles generated by ultrasonic vibration. Then release high energy and huge cleaning capabilities. This cleaning action can remove dirt, oil, and pollutants from each surface contacting the cleaning solution. Since the liquid penetrates into a small slit, ultrasonic cleaning can clean complex items that cannot be cleaned by hand.

Ultrasonic cleaning will remove any fat in the articulation of the engine. And it can prevent paint and other coatings from adhering to oily chemicals on the finished product, including lubricants, grease, polishing and polishing agents, cutting oil, etc.

Main functions of oil ultrasonic cleaning machine: Remove dust, carbon, and pollutants in the oil pump.

Ultrasonic water tank cleaning system uses high-frequency sound waves to generate bubbles and stir the liquid. To remove grease, dirt, paint and coatings, powder residues, and other pollutants. High-frequency acoustic wave-generated air bubbles will penetrate blind holes, cracks, and rates. Thereby, it is possible to clean the complex part without damaging the surface of the part.

Ultrasonic degreaser is used to clean metal parts, castings, electronic parts, printed circuit boards, tools, automotive and aircraft engine parts, servo motors, and other metal, glass, or ceramic. This cleaning method is more effective than soaking and allows you to clean multiple items at a time to increase efficiency. Although ultrasonic cleaning can be performed only with water, it is not recommended. Using the correct ultrasonic cleaner will greatly improve the overall cleaning operation.

Typical cleaning agents, solvents, and degreases used in ultrasound cleaning tanks have a high toxicity. It will cause harm to the workplace and constitute risks to the environment. Blue whale ultrasonic cleaner provides people with safer, more environmentally friendly soaking and spraying application alternatives. Our ultrasonic solvent does not contain or contain low volatile organic compounds and is more securely used and handled more securely than conventional products. Our formula also slowly evaporated to get more benefits from each bottle.

The contaminants removed by our oil absorber ultrasonic cleaning machine include:

Dust, dirt, oil, pigment, rust, grease, lubricant, paraffin, algae, fungi, bacterial, scale, polishing agent, flux, fingerprint, soot, stain, wax, and release agent, or even biological soil.

If you need a special ultrasonic solvent cleaner, please contact our sales team. We provide parts cleaning and chemical selection services in the Technical Service Lab. Just send your part to us, we will provide you with economically efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions.

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