Knowledge | 2022-03-19

How to heat the ultrasonic cleaning machine?


The ultrasonic cleaning machine is the most common cleaning equipment in factories and processing enterprises. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is compared to traditional cleaning equipment. It has many advantages including high cleaning efficiency, strong cleaning effect, bulk cleaning. We also know that the ultrasonic cleaning machine has a temperature adjusting function. So, how to heat an ultrasonic cleaning machine? There are three main methods:

1. Digital heating. A laboratory ultrasonic cleaner with a heating function generally uses a digital button to control the heater. The digital control area displays the current temperature and sets the temperature value. When the heating value is reached, heating is automatically stopped. This heating is generally heated with a silica gel plate.

2, The thermostat heating. The split ultrasonic cleaning machine can be heated by a thermostat according to the use of the machine. The method is as follows: Press the heating switch, the thermostat will display the measurement temperature and control temperature. The above display is the measurement temperature, and the lower display is the control temperature.

When the measured temperature is below the control temperature, the OUT light on the thermostat is on, the heating indicator is on. The device is in a heating state. When the test temperature is higher than the control temperature, the temperature controls the OUT lamp on the meter, the heating indicator is off. At this time, the device stopped heating. Control Temperature Setting Method: Press the Dial Table button to set the control temperature and the control temperature is 58 degrees. This type is generally heated by heating tubes.

3, Mechanical temperature control. Ordinary desktop ultrasonic cleaning machines typically use mechanical temperature control, that is adjusting the temperature by a knob. Such as the D series ultrasonic cleaning machine. The temperature adjustment range is normal temperature -80 degrees.

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