Knowledge | 2022-03-22

What is a small ultrasonic cleaning machine? What is its use?


In recent years, with the rapid changes in electronic technology, the past cleaning methods cannot meet the current situation. After several generations of evolution, ultrasonic cleaning technology is more and more mature. It adopts advanced technology equipment. Professional cleaning design and programs have solved many cleaning problems that traditional cleaning methods can not clean. Its cleaning effect is significant. So small ultrasonic cleaning machine is taking a very important place in the cleaning industry. Ultrasonic cleaning machine utilizes their own advantages: ultrasonic waves using a certain frequency in the liquid medium can function as a cleaning workpiece. So, what is a small ultrasonic cleaning machine? What is its use?

As the name suggests, the so-called small ultrasonic cleaning machine refers to smaller specifications of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. In general, the cleaning tank is less than 10 liters, and the power is less than 300 watts. If the volume is less than 1 liter, it is called mini. Small ultrasonic cleaning machines are mainly used to clean the surface of smaller workpieces.

Uses of small ultrasonic cleaning machines:

1. Dust removal, waxing, removal, rust, etc for hardware parts.

2. Descaling of laboratory beaker. Mix, emulsification, separation, extraction, etc for laboratory.

3. Remove the rosin soldering beads on the circuit board in the electronics industry. Remove oxidation. SMT nozzle cleaning, etc. There is also dust removal in the optical fitting industry. Small ultrasonic cleaning machines have been shuttle all walks of life. It provides a lot of convenience for our lives and work.

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