Knowledge | 2022-06-06

Shaped-energy ultrasonic cleaning machine for steel strip


Steel wires, cables, fine rods, steel bands, pipelines, and fasteners need to be lubricated during the processing process of continuous industrial products. Before entering the lane process (such as electroplating, squeezing, and welding), the surface lubricant residue should be Cleaned. At present, there are three main methods for cleaning such products at home and abroad: 1) through type spray cleaning machines; 2) ordinary passing ultrasonic water cleaning machines; 3) through type ultrasonic gas phase cleaning machines. The characteristics of these three cleaning methods are: The spray cleaning machine is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned by a certain pressure through the spray pump to the surface of the water-based cleaning solution. Impurities, this device is generally low in cost, but the cleaning effect is poor, suitable for occasions with low requirements; ordinary passing ultrasonic water cleaning machine is to pass the workpiece in the liquid in the cleaning slot, rely on the bottom of the groove or the surrounding ultrasonic waves The ultrasound of the device is cleaned to the surface of the workpiece. Due to the high speed of the processing process of continuous industrial products, to ensure that the workpiece is fully cleaned, the equipment is often very long. The cleaning effect is better than the sprayer; the cleaning effect of the cleaning medium is used by the sprayer; Can be used for smaller products.

A new, unique and effective online steel belt cleaning method is developed using the principle of high-power poly energy ultrasound. Compared with the previous steel band cleaning method, it has the characteristics of compact structure, low cost, and good cleaning effect. At present, it is the most economical and reasonable method of cleaning industrial products.

Polyne ultrasound principle

Ultrasonic waves can create a strong cavitation zone, the pressure wave generated by the vacuum bubble, and then burst, the result is a very high pressure and temperature, the formation of high pressure on the liquid shock. On surfaces, these mechanically loosened impurities can be washed away by cleaning agents to remove lubricating residues such as oil or grease, soap, stearate, and dust. Based on the ultrasonic cleaning function itself, it can be used to clean any colored or Ferrous such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and even plastic and glass. The sound pressure produced by ordinary ultrasonic waves, due to the small amplitude of vibration generated by the Ultrasonic transducer, is only a few microns, and can not reach the sound pressure needed for the collapse of microbubbles, the bubble burst per unit area will be less, the cleaning effect is relatively poor, so to make ordinary trough-type ultrasonic cleaning machine to meet the cleaning requirements, its volume will be larger, the cost will be correspondingly higher. For cleaning continuous materials, such as wire, cable, steel strip, or pipe, the shaped ultrasonic cleaning is an efficient, reliable, and environment-friendly choice. Concentrated energy ultrasonic cleaning machine is through the ultrasonic energy concentrator will be concentrated into a small amount of liquid, the workpiece for powerful cleaning, thus can achieve a compact design of cleaning equipment, overcome the common through the type of ultrasonic cleaning machine production line longer and covers an area of large shortcomings.

The ultrasonic concentrator is the core part of the energy-gathering ultrasonic cleaning equipment. It is named an ultrasonic horn because of its energy output mode. The common forms are column type and inverted horn-type transducers, which are mainly composed of central piezoelectric ceramic plates, front and rear metal cover plates, pre-stressed bolts, electrode plates, and focusing horns. By changing the shape and area of the energy output end, the amplitude and velocity of the mechanical vibration of the front end cap are amplified, that is to say, the energy is concentrated on a small area to gather energy. The concentrated energy generated by the ultrasonic concentrator causes the micro-bubbles in the small radius of the cleaning tank to collapse. In this way, the unit area of the bubble explosion will increase, and the cleaning effect will be improved. Therefore, the shaped-energy ultrasonic wave uses less ultrasonic energy to obtain a large ultrasonic sound pressure, and meet the ultrasonic cleaning requirements (as shown in Figure 1 for two ultrasonic device power distributions in the length direction of comparison).

Therefore, the shaped-energy ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve a very compact structure and can be easily integrated into the existing production line. For example, cold-rolled steel strips used for cleaning (before spraying or electroplating) can be cleaned well even at very high line speeds.

Comparison of power distribution in the length direction of two kinds of ultrasonic devices

Compared with the previous strip cleaning method, the shaped charge ultrasonic strip cleaning method has the following advantages: (1) the cleaning effect is good; (2) the area is small; (3) the operation is simple; (4) the operation cost is low; (5) the equipment purchase cost is low. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the shaped charge ultrasonic strip cleaning method, and it has been widely used.

Shaped-energy ultrasonic cleaning machine for steel strip