Knowledge | 2022-06-06

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for engine block


The cleaning of the cylinder block, cylinder head, and other parts of the engine has been a headache, because the internal parts of this kind of complex, attached to the internal iron chips, dust, sticky sand, and other stains are difficult to clean. Although many manufacturers in the engine cylinder cleaning, take a lot of measures, but still can not achieve the desired results, finally have to rely on the traditional immersion to barely complete the cleaning of the work. However, the soaking cleaning time is long, and can not meet a large number of cleaning, so the cost increases. To completely solve the problem of engine cylinder cleaning, we must use a new cleaning process and equipment. With the wide application of ultrasonic cleaning technology in the manufacturing industry, many manufacturers are now using the engine cylinder block ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean. Now we introduce the principles and applications of the engine cylinder ultrasonic cleaning machine.

The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine for engine cylinder blocks can be explained by the phenomenon of cavitation, which is due to the close relationship between the effect of ultrasonic cleaning and the cavitation intensity produced by ultrasonic in the liquid. When ultrasonic waves travel through a liquid, they create countless tiny bubbles. Under the action of the sound wave pressure, these countless tiny, dense bubbles burst instantly. The bubbles collide violently and produce a very powerful impact force, the phenomenon of washing dirt off surfaces is called“Cavitation”.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine for engine block can penetrate the inner cavity, blind holes, crevices, etc. of the objects immersed in the cleaning Sonication, achieve a perfect cleaning effect, while the engine block ultrasonic cleaning machine and emulsifying neutralization, can effectively prevent the cleaning of oil to re-adhere to the object. Therefore, the engine cylinder block ultrasonic cleaning machine is superior to other cleaning methods. The practice also shows that ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective and indispensable cleaning method in modern industry. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is widely used in the automobile industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, and other industries, and has also become increasingly inseparable from ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for engine block