Knowledge | 2022-06-07

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for precision hardware


Hardware is usually heavy and very complex in construction. Therefore, it is not suitable for manual cleaning. Manual cleaning is not only troublesome and time-consuming but also unable to remove the dirt in the crevices. Moreover, the types of dirt on the hardware are more diversified, there are oil stains, grease fingerprints, metal dust, and some have watermarks and so on. It is recommended to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean hardware.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is particularly popular in the hardware industry, ultrasonic cleaning is not only to improve the efficiency of cleaning but also to increase the level of cleaning, to achieve ordinary cleaning can not achieve the cleaning effect. Secondly, ultrasonic cleaning machines are very suitable for the cleaning of metal hardware. Metal hardware, whether it is ordinary metal parts or precision hardware, can be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machines, the precision hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the dirt in the gap of the hardware, the precision hardware with blind holes, and some especially small products with high requirements for cleanliness, the use of ultrasonic cleaning can achieve very good results.

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is that the high-frequency oscillating signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator is converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillations by the transducer and transmitted to the cleaning agent liquid in the medium, the ultrasonic wave radiates at the same density in the cleaning agent, causing the liquid to flow and produce tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, thus achieving the goal of high precision cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for precision hardware