Knowledge | 2022-08-18

Metal oxide film resistance optical ultrasonic cleaning machine


A metal oxide film resistor is a resistor that uses special metal or alloy as a resistive material to form an oxide film on ceramic or glass by vacuum evaporation or sputtering. The manufacturing process of metal film resistors is more flexible. Not only the material composition and the film thickness can be adjusted, but also the resistance value can be adjusted through grooving to make the resistor with good performance and a wide resistance value range. It is widely used in all areas of society, so its cleaning work is also a top priority.

Metal oxide film resistance optical ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning principle:

The metal oxide film resistor optical ultrasonic cleaning machine uses a circuit to generate more than 40,000 oscillations per second and amplify the signal to drive the Ultrasonic transducer, the Ultrasonic transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy, which is transferred to the target point through the conduction of various objects. The vibration element produces the vibration of ultrasonic frequency and is generally used as a PZT vibrator of a porcelain sintered body. When in use, a high-frequency current is applied to the silver electrode. The frequency of this current is the same as the resonant frequency of the PZT oscillator, which resonates and produces ultrasonic waves, and the bubble produced by cavitation is broken up by the subsequent high pressure, the sound pressure and water mist produced by the rupture impact on the surface of the object to separate the pollutants and achieve the effect of washing.

Advantages of Metal oxide film resistance optical ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. The utility model has the advantages of fast cleaning speed, good effect, high cleanliness, etc. . Compared with manual cleaning, in batch cleaning, ultrasonic energy acts on each surface of multiple objects at the same time, and cleaning speed is very fast;

2. It is safe and environment-friendly to substitute the traditional solvent dehydration with the unique slow-pull dehydration circulation hot air drying method

3. Clean the surface of the dust, watermark, fingerprints, impurities, and so on. According to customer technical requirements with timing, heating, and other control procedures, and can be customized according to customer requirements;

4, ultrasonic cleaning is more detailed and comprehensive, will not miss. As long as there is water, you can clean it in place. Ultrasonic cleaning of some special surfaces has its unique advantages. Ultrasonic cleaning will not leave water marks like manual cleaning, cleaning after the effect is new;

5, no need to touch the hand cleaning agent, does not hurt the hand skin.

Metal oxide film resistance optical ultrasonic cleaning machine notes:

1, before starting the ultrasonic cleaning machine, check the power supply, switch, indicator meter, protective cover, etc. are normal;

2, ultrasonic cleaning equipment without cleaning fluid do not open equipment, so as not to damage the ultrasonic system;

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine should be placed in the dry, non-corrosive gas and environment, to avoid violent vibration;

4, ultrasonic cleaning machine after the completion of cleaning must be cut off the power, to prevent accidents;

5, the workpiece should be cleaned in the cleaning basket, avoid directly placed at the bottom of the tank, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.

Metal oxide film resistance optical ultrasonic cleaning machine