Knowledge | 2022-08-19

What are the advantages of the adjustable power ultrasonic cleaner?


Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator can make the parts of the workpiece in an instant to produce more bubbles. Use the principle of pressure to make bubbles burst and clean. Therefore, this kind of cleaning is one of the cleaning methods with a low damage rate to the workpiece. Industry use is very good. In daily life, such as glasses cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of fine instruments and workpieces, all need this equipment. So, what are the benefits of an adjustable power ultrasonic cleaner?

Adjustable power ultrasonic cleaner advantages:

1. Strong cleaning compliance: one machine multi-purpose, cleaning a variety of different workpieces. At the same time, the positive plate size and task frequency also have good adaptability, so that the device can continue to carry out tasks in a variety of environmental conditions.

2. Cavitation power: a small number of ultrasonic cleaning products are cavitation as the technical center, through the sound pressure vibration to regulate the pressure energy. The oscillator of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be adjusted according to the actual situation, and the power can also be adjusted. On the premise of ensuring cavitation force, the bubble is destroyed instantly, thus achieving the goal of rapid and efficient cleaning.

3. High efficiency of dirt removal: ultrasonic cleaning machine is called high precision after fine conditioning can be raised by air bubbles in the large gap, stop completely and thoroughly clean. It is not easy to adhere to the workpiece after the rapid stripping of the purification, so its purification of the residual rate is low.

4. Good bubble density: cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillators to ensure that the equipment runs bumpy, such oscillators can be formed into a bubble form of dense and alternate display, for accurate, step by step to the local stop cleaning, and then through the instant high-pressure bubble burst, it occurred several atmospheric pressure to achieve the goal of efficient cleaning.

Therefore, the ultrasonic oscillator bubble density is high, clean, and has good volatility. Therefore, the ultrasonic oscillator bubble density is high, with good cleaning volatility.

What are the advantages of the adjustable power ultrasonic cleaner?