Knowledge | 2022-08-18

How to clean aluminum formwork?


Aluminum formwork is a kind of temporary supporting structure made according to the design requirement, which makes the concrete structure and the members take the geometric size shape according to the prescribed position, keep its correct position, and bear the self-weight of the building formwork and the external load acting on it. Formwork engineering aims to ensure the quality and safety of concrete engineering, speed up the construction schedule, and reduce project costs. But the contamination on the aluminum template needs to be cleaned before it can be used again. The use of traditional cleaning methods is not efficient, affecting the efficiency of production. Now ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be used to solve the problem of aluminum mold cleaning.

What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning of aluminum molds in buildings?

• The use of advanced physical cleaning technology, no dust pollution, in line with the national environmental requirements.

• There will be no secondary damage to the formwork. The aluminum formwork can be refurbished and reused.

• Simple operation, quick maintenance, and high cleaning efficiency.

• The equipment can be used by only one person, making it easy to operate and reducing the overall cost.

How to clean aluminum formwork?