Knowledge | 2022-10-12

How to use medical ultrasonic cleaning machines


Medical ultrasonic cleaning machines are mainly used for medical devices and appliances in various departments such as the hospital dental department, otolaryngology, and operating room. Can quickly remove stains and play a role in disinfection and sterilization. Its cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect cannot be achieved manually. Therefore, the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine has been widely used in the medical industry and has become an indispensable helper in the cleaning work of doctors and nurses. The use of medical ultrasonic cleaning machines is very simple. According to different types, there are two operations:

First, the Mechanical medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. The mechanical medical ultrasonic cleaning machine first connects the power and puts an appropriate amount of clean tap water. (Use medical alcohol instead)

2. Put the device or appliances to be cleaned into the cleaning slot, and then cover the lid.

3. After the cleaning object is placed, the power switch can be turned on. The power switch is the knob on the right. The knob also has a timing function.

4. Just rotate the right rotation knob to the appropriate time. At this time, the power light will also be on, and the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine will start working. Time is here, it will stop running automatically. The power indicator will also go out. At this point, the cleaning items have been cleaned.

Second, the use of a digital medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is not much different from the mechanical type, but the control button has become a touch switch. You only need to adjust the time according to the number displayed. In addition, the CNC type has a heating function on the left. It can adjust the required temperature. It is also very convenient and intuitive.

How to use medical ultrasonic cleaning machines