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Introduction of medical ultrasonic cleaning technology


Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid, acceleration and direct flow of the role of immersion in the cleaning fluid of the workpiece and sewage have a direct and indirect impact, the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, and peeled to achieve the goal of cleaning. At present, cavitation and direct flow are the main effects of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of an ultrasonic generator, an Ultrasonic transducer, an ultrasonic cleaning tank, and a control circuit. The ultrasonic cleaning machine converts the ultrasonic electrical energy signal generated by the ultrasonic generator into high-frequency mechanical vibration through an Ultrasonic transducer. The electrical energy is transmitted from the cleaning tank into the cleaning fluid, and the workpiece in the cleaning fluid is impacted, achieving the goal of ultrasonic cleaning.

The application field of ultrasonic cleaning machines is wide. In the pharmaceutical industry, syringes, surgical instruments, droppers, research and experimental equipment, glass containers, dental appliances, and other medical devices are often used after the attachment, for example, blood, gelatin, dust, fingerprints, blood stains, protein, chemical synthesis in medical research and development oscillatory dissolution, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine output appropriate power density of its cleaning, can have a very good cleaning effect. Combined with enzyme solution for strong decontamination, for the blood and mucus that will appear during the operation has a relatively strong cleaning capacity, ultrasonic vibration mode can use a cavitation effect to clean the equipment, because of the vibration, the sewage layer is dispersed, and thoroughly cleaned by enzyme solution. The cavitation of ultrasonic waves mainly transmits to the liquid through the exchange of compression force and decompression force, which can directly peel off the dirt on the surface of the instrument and make the cleaning more precise. By comparison, we can see that the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine are more obvious in the aspect of instrument cleaning, not only high-quality performance but acid and alkali resistance is also strong, by setting the cleaning time automatically and presetting the automatic temperature control heating device, it can be widely used in the cleaning of many kinds of instruments. At the same time, it can also adjust the size of the ultrasonic wave to aim at different structures, different materials, and different hole depths of other equipment for cleaning. At the same time, the lubricant and multi-enzyme solution used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine have a strong cleaning effect and energy-saving environmental protection can thoroughly clean some people can not touch the cavity, porous and washing holes of the location, avoid residual contamination and bacteria, with high cleaning efficiency. So that the qualified rate of equipment cleaning can reach about 99.4%, in line with the standard of medical equipment cleaning sterilization. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is safer and more convenient than manual cleaning, effectively reducing the workload of the cleaning personnel, and also reducing the investment in human and material resources of the medical institutions, effectively reducing the operating costs, funds can be used to invest in other new technologies and medical devices to improve medical care, increase patient healing rates, and provide more efficient and high-quality services to society and the country.

The maintenance of surgical instruments is different from other medical instruments, it needs to be more careful and more careful, but also needs to have a strong sense of responsibility to deal with this work. In the course of the operation, any factor will cause the patient's condition to worsen or even cause death. In the medical profession, the medical apparatus often has an attachment after use and uses the ultrasonic cleaning machine to have a very good clean function.

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Introduction of medical ultrasonic cleaning technology