Knowledge | 2022-10-12

The highlight of the hospital ultrasonic instrument cleaner is "disinfection and sterilization"


The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward many new requirements for medical care. The construction mechanism requires the comprehensive reform of medical security, medical services, public health, drug supply, and regulatory systems, improves national health policies, and provides the masses with safe and convenient public health and basic medical services.

As a result, many large-scale disease prevention centers, hospitals, clinics, and other related medical industry personnel attach great importance to and strictly carry out work by the medical reforms proposed by the 18th National Congress of the country and the requirements. Strictly work for public health and serve the people.

Editorial Committee of "China Disinfection Magazine": Hu Guoqing, mentioned: "Behind each piece of equipment is a lively life! Every small negligence may affect the life and death of patients!" It can be seen that medical device disinfection The sterilization and unqualified causes of the hospital infection occurred from time to time. So that a large number of new diagnoses and treatment activities have put forward higher requirements for disinfection and sterilization technology.

In this regard, there is strict control on medical staff and put forward new requirements:

1. For the personnel of the Medical and Health Institute, a qualification certificate related to medical care is required.

2. Has the professional ethics, quality, and team spirit of good medical personnel.

3. It is necessary to master the relevant medical institutions for disinfection and sterilization technology, and master the skills of disinfection and sterilization.

4. Medical institutions should strengthen training for medical staff, disinfection, and sterilization staff. The training content should include the significance of disinfection and sterilization work in the prevention and control of hospital infection, the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, the basic principles and knowledge of disinfection and sterilization, and career protection of disinfection and sterilization.

To sum up the above, because of the existence of these factors, I believe that the original handmade cleaning and cleaning agent is far from achieving the ideal sanitation requirements, forcing many small and medium-sized hospitals to strive to seek new technologies. To better provide cheap public health services to the masses.

So, what are the most suitable, convenient, and fast medical disinfection and sterilization machinery?

Here, to meet the needs of the masses, Guangdong Blue Whale provides several targeted disinfection and sterilized medical device products -hospital ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Medical ultrasonic instrument cleaner (medium -digital control) function characteristics:

Use ordinary tap water, alcohol, solvent cleaning;

Large capacity, suitable for larger medical equipment;

The cleaning effect is significant;

Can effectively disinfect and sterilize;

Mechanical timing control boot time;

Full stainless steel housing and lid and inner lined.

Medical ultrasonic instrument cleaner (medium -digital control) effect:

(1) Good cleaning effect

The use of medical ultrasonic instrument cleaner can not only replace artificial hand washing but also meet artificial hand-wash cannot meet the requirements. Even steam cleaning and high-pressure water shooting can not meet equipment with uneven surface unevenness, small blind holes (such as needle tip), and high requirements for cleanliness. The empty effect of ultrasonic waves also promotes chemical reactions and accelerates the dissolution of the device ingredients, and the cleaning effect is more thorough.

(2) High cleaning efficiency

Traditional handmade cleaning needs to be soaked, hand-brushed, rinse, or cleaned some bottle categories with a hand-brushing machine. It can be said that it is time-consuming and laborious, and the impact of human factors cannot ensure the quality of equipment cleaning. After using the medical ultrasonic instrument cleaner, soak the cleaning device after soaking the polyphase cleaning solution, put it directly into the cleaning tank, put it in proportion to the cleaning agent, and set the temperature and regular settings to automatically start cleaning work. A large ultrasonic instrument cleaner can also be cleaned in large quantities, which greatly shortens the cleaning time and cost.

(3) Hygiene and safety

A medical ultrasonic instrument cleaner is a pollution-free device. The whole process is a pure physical cleaning process. It is safe and reliable. It does not produce electromagnetic waves and radiation, which is harmless to the human body. In addition, the cleaning solution directly cleans, disinfection, and sterilization of medical machinery, without having to contact with the cleaning liquid to eliminate secondary pollution. Medical staff can also effectively isolate bacterial viruses to protect the safety and health of medical staff.

(4) Wide application scope: It is mainly suitable for hospital surgical knives, tweezers, hematopoietic tongs, endoscopic biopsy, injection needles, various size injections, test tubes, glass slides, changing drugs, various plates, barrels, pressure measuring pressure measurement Instruments such as radioactivity, pollution, large quantities, high cleanliness, disinfection, etc. are must-have equipment for hospital operating rooms, supply rooms and disinfection centers and scientific research units, pharmaceutical factories, and pharmaceutical factories.

(5) Have "humanization"

To meet the needs and configuration of the masses, our company (blue whale) can customize the machine. Its product classification: single-slot medical ultrasonic instrument cleaner, dual-groove medical ultrasonic instrument cleaner, multi-groove hospital ultrasonic instrument cleaner, experimental ultrasonic instrument cleaner, Dental ultrasonic instrument cleaner, digital ultrasonic instrument cleaner, etc.

It is these comprehensive factors that have brought new "opportunities" to small and medium-sized enterprises. Promoted the further development of the medical industry and society. It is enough to prove that the relationship between them is paved.

The highlight of the hospital ultrasonic instrument cleaner is "disinfection and sterilization"