Knowledge | 2022-03-04

Does ultrasonic cleaning equipment have shortcomings? What is the shortcoming?


The ultrasonic cleaning machine has the advantages of massive cleaning, strong cleaning ability, multi-function, reduction in manure, automation. So it has been highly praised by everyone. Is the ultrasonic cleaning machine really so good? In fact, there are many shortcomings in ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The first shortcoming of ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

In general, the noise of the cleaning machine is about 60 decibels, it will be very uncomfortable to hear for a long time! But in fact, you can't hear ultrasound. What you have heard is just the sound generated during the cleaning process. But long-term operations will still affect hearing. If you always use an ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time, you can use a mute ultrasonic cleaning machine or a cover to reduce noise during the cleaning process.

The second shortcoming of ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

The hazards of ultrasound and ultrasonic penetration power are strong. You put the water into the teacup and put it in the tank. The water in the cup does not contact the water in the tank, but the water in your cup has strong cavitation (the principle of ultrasonic cleaning). In general, short-term ultrasonic waves are harmless to the human body, but if the ultrasonic cleaning machine is used for a long time, it will also have a certain impact on human tissue.

The third shortcoming of ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

The ultrasonic cleaning machine with a limited cleaning range is only suitable for cleaning items that can be placed in a cleaning machine. To ensure the cleaning effect, the item should be disassembled before cleaning. In addition, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for cleaning soft materials such as clothing. They absorb ultrasonic waves and affect the cleaning effect. 

Through the above, you can see some shortcomings of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Although the ultrasonic cleaning machine is used very well, these shortcomings cannot be ignored. We must pay attention to some of this. This allows us to better use ultrasonic cleaning machines.