Knowledge | 2022-03-02

Technical characteristics and principle analysis of ultrasonic cleaning machine


Technical features of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Cleaning is more thorough.

The principles of ultrasonic cleaning machines show that this method is ideal for components that are complicated in shape. If these parts are cleaned with artificial, many components will be difficult to clean. The cleaning agent can only dissolve some dirt. It also does not process stubborn dirt and internal dirt inside the part. Ultrasonic cleaning is a wonderful physical cleaning. It is like countless small bombs while blasting the inside and outside surface of the object. If you can combine chemical cleaning, you can clean the inner surface and the inner hole that cannot be completed in the conventional method.

2. Energy saving.

At present, gasoline or diesel is mainly used to clean the widget. Therefore, the operating safety coefficient is very low, which is easy to cause an accident. Ultrasonic technology is cleaned with water-based cleaner and no hidden dangers.

3. High work efficiency.

After putting the parts in the basket, the machine can be worked automatically with the start button.

4. Cleaning cost is low.

Because the ultrasonic cleaning agent is highly utilized, it is cheaper for total cost of ultrasonic cleaning solution. In all cleaning methods, cleaning costs can generally be divided into: equipment cost and cost of consumption. Ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment has a service life for 10 years. The cost of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is less than gas phase cleaning and high pressure water jet but higher than manual cleaning and organic alkaline solvent cleaning.

5. Good cleaning effect.

In terms of cleaning methods, the cleaning methods used in industrial cleaning are generally hand-cleaning, organic solvent cleaning, steam phase cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. According to the cleaning effect, the cleaning method can distinguish it clearly. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is considered to be current high-definition wash efficiency. The cleaning efficiency reached more than 98%, and the cleaning degree also reached a high level. Traditional handmade cleaning and organic solvent cleaning efficiency are only 60% -70%, and even weather cleaning and high-pressure water jet cleaning efficiency is less than 90%. Therefore, the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning machines is high in industrial cleaning, and the effect is good.

Cleaning principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is a high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator. The converter is converted to high-frequency mechanical oscillation. Then propagate into the medium cleaning solvent. Ultrasonic waves are intensively radiated in the cleaning fluid, so that the liquid flows, producing tens of thousands of small bubbles. These bubbles are formed in a negative pressure region propagated in ultrasonic longitudinally and grow rapidly in the positive pressure region. In this process called aircraft, the bubble closure can form an instantaneous high pressure of more than 1000 air pressure. It continues to generate instantaneous high pressure, just like a series of small explosions constantly impact the surface of the object. Thus, the surface of the object is rapidly peeled off in the surface of the object, thereby achieving the purpose of surface purification of the object.

ultrasonic cleaning machine