Knowledge | 2022-03-05

Daily maintenance and precautions for ultrasonic cleaning machines


The maintenance and precautions of ultrasonic cleaning machines are actually written in the product manual. The specific use methods and precautions for each product are slightly different. It is recommended to spend a few minutes before using the machine! ! !

Daily maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. First, the ultrasonic cleaning machine should be placed in a smooth ventilation. The power should be turned off each time when you put in water and drainage and maintenance of commercial ultrasound cleaning machine. It also takes time to unplug the socket in time.

2. Make protection during use. Please use clean and soft cloth to clean the tank and body of the machine.  You should wear achidate gloves for removing rust and residue.  Be sure to avoid wiping using a steel wire or a hard brush to avoid damage to the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

3. Regularly remove scale and rust in the ultrasonic cleaning machine tank. The preparation ratio of the detergent or rust rermant should be in strict accordance with the instructions. And according to the process of rust removal. Turn off the power → Pour the water in the tank → close the drainage valve → Wipe with the corresponding proportion of detergent or the rust rermant solution → Wipe the detergent or the rust in the rust in the water → Use cloth the dry the tank when the water is drained.

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