Knowledge | 2022-03-07

Positive and negative pressure and composition structure of ultrasonic cleaning machine


During ultrasonic cleaning, bubbles can suppress corrosion and reduce cleaning ability. As long as the bubbles in the liquid are completely dragged away, the bubbles in the vacuum module can achieve the effect. This is the role of degassing function. In addition, let's take a look at all the concepts of normal pressure, positive pressure, and negative pressure. Atmospheric pressure: refers to atmospheric pressure, that is, we usually produce atmospheric pressure generated in this atmosphere. Standard Atmospheric pressure is 101325Pa (Pasca - General Pressure Unit). 100,000Pa = 100kPa, so "standard atmospheric pressure" is usually expressed in 100kpa or 101 kpa. Positive pressure: refers to gas conditions above atmospheric pressure. For example, the exit end of the booster tube or the booster pump generates a positive pressure when you pump gas for bicycles or car tires. Negative pressure: refers to the state where the gas is lower than the atmospheric pressure, that is, what we usually say "vacuum". For example, when using a tube to drink, the pipe is under negative pressure. There is also negative pressure inside the suction cup used to hang the object.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is transmitted to the solvent by converting the high-frequency vibration signal from the ultrasonic generator through the transducer into high-frequency mechanical vibration. Ultrasound is radiated in the cleaning fluid so that the liquid produces tens of thousands of small bubbles having a diameter of 50-500 μm. The small bubbles in the ultrasonic cleaning machine also produce vibration under the action of ultrasonic waves. These bubbles are formed and grown in a negative pressure zone propagated in the ultrasonic longitudinal direction. In the positive pressure zone, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble will actively increase and then rupture. The ultrasonic cleaning machine generates a shock wave when the bubble is broken. This will destroy insoluble dirt and strip them into the cleaning liquid of the ultrasonic cleaning apparatus. When the group particles are wrapped by oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning member, the oil will emulsify and separate the solid particles. Further, the purpose of the cleaning part is achieved. During this process known as the "cavitation effect", the closed bubbles form a hundred degrees of high temperature. It can exceed 1000 atmospheres. "Explosion" is constantly impacting the surface of the object, making the dust and dirt off the surface of the object and the slit. Further, the purpose of cleaning and purifying the surface of the object is achieved.

Whether it is a significant impact on us whether it is a second sound wave or ultrasound. And ultrasonic applications have entered our lives with the development of science and technology. Among them, it is especially possible to have some ultrasound cleaning machines. So, do you know the composition of the ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1. The ultrasonic cleaning machine panel is equipped with a current table, a power switch, an output outlet, frequency, and adjustment knob. It is installed with a power outlet socket and a fuse.

2, ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic drive power, electronic box, ultrasonic controller. It is an important part of the high-power ultrasound system. The ultrasonic generator effect is to convert the market to a high-frequency alternating current signal that matches the ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer work is driven by this. A high-power ultrasonic power supply considers the circuit form of switching power supplies from conversion efficiency. Ultrasonic power is divided into self-excited and excitement power. The self-excited power supply is called an ultrasonic analog power supply. It is called an ultrasonic generator.

3. The function of the ultrasonic transducer is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (ie, ultrasonic) and then transferred it. Some of the power consumes very little consumption. The transducer is composed of a housing, a matching layer, a piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer, a backing, an extraction cable, and a Cymbal array receiver.

4. The ultrasonic cleaning tank consists of the stainless steel tank, composite transducer, and matching inductor. The transducer is located at the bottom of the stainless steel tank. The damping device is arranged between the stainless steel tank and the box frame.