Knowledge | 2022-07-25

Can an ultrasonic cleaning machine remove oil dirt? What is the effect?


Can an ultrasonic cleaning machine remove oil stains? The answer is naturally can, want to know the main function of ultrasonic cleaning machine is to remove oil and dirt.

The principle of ultrasonic oil removal: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove industrial oil is the adhesion of oil products in the removal of oil in the process of a certain frequency of ultrasonic radiation, the introduction of ultrasound can strengthen the process of oil deposition, shorten the oil removal time, improve process quality, but also can make the blind hole of the oil thoroughly clean. The role of ultrasonic oil removal, to a large extent, is based on the role of air. When the Sonication is applied to a liquid, the instantaneous negative pressure and the instantaneous positive pressure are generated alternately, and many vacuum holes are created in the liquid during the half-cycle when the negative pressure is produced by vibration, liquid Vapors or gases dissolved in a solution enter the cavity to form bubbles, which are then compressed and burst during a half-cycle of positive pressure, creating a sudden burst of pressure (up to hundreds of MPA), it produces a huge shock wave, produces a strong agitation to the solution, and forms an impact force to scour the oil stains on the surface of the workpiece, which makes the oil stains on the deep pits and pores on the surface of the workpiece easy to remove, and strengthens the saponification and emulsifying effect, thus, the process of deoiling is accelerated and the deoiling is more thorough.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine oil: such as large industrial single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machines. This type of equipment is widely used in the hardware industry, the cleaning effect is very clean. It is usually used to remove oil, rust, and rust. For example, a large hardware parts manufacturer produces 30,000 hardware parts a day. Manual cleaning of this huge amount of extremely hard work, not only does it take a long time to clean, and cleaning is not thorough enough, especially in the gap of the dirt cleaning is not in place. If the use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning the efficiency of hardware parts improved, and oil and rust removal effect cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine oil decontamination process:

1, the need to clean the oil-stained aluminum, metal parts, bearings, chains, molds, and other hardware parts into the cleaning basket, and then put the cleaning basket into the cleaning tank;

2, add water and pour in the right amount of oil remover;

3. Turn on the switch and adjust the time and temperature (the temperature is about 55 degrees, the best effect of cleaning oil), press the start button, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine will start working;

4, after cleaning, shut down (if set a good time do not press shut down, cleaning machine will stop by itself) ;

5. Pick up the cleaning basket and air-dry the hardware immediately

6. If you don't use it for the time being, do a good job cleaning machine maintenance.

Can an ultrasonic cleaning machine remove oil dirt? What is the effect?