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The superiority of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, specific methods, and precautions for cleaning the watch


The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly in high-precision, fast, consistency of three aspects, the following three advantages of the following specific introduction:

High accuracy: because the energy of the ultrasonic wave can penetrate tiny gaps and small holes, it can be applied with any parts or assembly parts cleaning. When the cleaned parts are precision parts or assembly parts, the ultrasonic cleaning machine often becomes a cleaning method that can meet the special technical requirements

Second, fast: ultrasonic cleaning compared to conventional cleaning methods in the work-piece dust and scale removal is much faster. The assembly can be cleaned without disassembly. The advantages of labor-saving ultrasonic cleaning machine often make it an economical way of cleaning;

Consistency: regardless of the size of the parts to be cleaned, simple or complex, single or batch or in the automatic assembly line, the use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine can be achieved by hand cleaning with unparalleled uniform cleanliness.

The watch is one of the indispensable items for many people, which implies a strong sense of time and strict style. I believe most people like watches. As anyone who has ever worn a watch knows, it can get dirty after wearing it for a while, and now more and more users are using small ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean their watches.

Ultrasonic cleaning of watches:

1. Pour a certain volume of water into the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner, then drop in a few drops of detergent.

2. Remove the strap and place the strap on the case provided by the machine. If you do not have a stand, you can put the strap directly into the sink.

3. Plug in the power cord, turn on the machine, adjust the time, temperature, and power, and you can start cleaning. At this point, the water will start to get dirty.

Watch cleaning tips:

1. When cleaning a watch, do not put the dial directly into the water. Some watches are not waterproof. You can put some of the dials on a stand and clean the strap and chain.

2, pay attention to enough water, otherwise, the part not soaked in water will not be able to clean!

3. Wipe the surface with paper or a soft dry cloth, or use a hair dryer, because the metal watch bracelets are easily rusted with water.

Conclusion: it is very good to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the watch. It can completely remove and clean the dirt attached to the outside. Is the major eyewear shop, watch shops are used cleaning equipment.

The superiority of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, specific methods, and precautions for cleaning the watch