Knowledge | 2022-07-22

What if the ultrasonic cleaner leaks electricity?


Today, the economy is booming, and the tools people use are expanding in ways we didn't expect. In the past, some watches, jewelry, and mechanical instruments were difficult to clean without the help of tools. However, the emergence of ultrasonic cleaning machines, in some industries has brought great convenience. But sometimes the ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage, the layman often do not know how to do, so I tell you how to do. 

Ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage reason ultrasonic cleaning machine open power switch, the indicator light is not bright: At this time must check whether the power switch is intact, leakage switch is closed. If the switch is intact, then check whether the fuse overloads burn-out, out the basic solution. D. C. Fuse of ultrasonic cleaner. It may be the bridge stack or the power tube is burned out, or it may be the transducer aging, or current instability, resulting in generator failure. Pay more attention to the repairs. Ultrasonic cleaner power switch on, the indicator light, but no ultrasonic output: this situation is more complex. First, check if the transducer and ultrasonic power supply board connection plug are loose, and then check whether the fuse is fused. If all is well, it may be caused by an internal fault in the ultrasonic generator. Turn on the power cord with a multimeter and check if the fire cord is open. After troubleshooting the generator, check if the Ultrasonic transducer is burned out and needs to be replaced. Humidity: part of the power supply is due to excessive humidity caused by the environment. Lead to excessive leakage. Poor heat dissipation: because the ultrasonic generator is a power device, the need for certain heat dissipation conditions. Power part because of bad heat and heat, resulting in excessive leakage current. No reliable grounding: many users have the wrong understanding of grounding. The grounding of electrical components is not reliable. Therefore, there will be leakage. Incorrect power connection: small ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a single-phase power supply, but L and N must be distinguished. Otherwise, there will be a leakage phenomenon. Ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage solution: ensure connection: the operator in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, if the installation of ultrasonic heating device, must ensure that the ultrasonic heating device and ultrasonic power supply is well connected. Without a valid connection, not only can the ultrasonic heating device be heated, but there may also be leakage. Working data: open the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the first ultrasonic power supply voltage to 220V, frequency to about 50KHz. This is the usual data for a single ultrasonic power supply. In the cleaning process, if you need to replace the new cleaning fluid, the replacement must be turned off before the ultrasonic power switch to avoid failure. After cleaning, the sediment at the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank should be removed to ensure the reuse of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. 

Well, now I believe that we should have a clear understanding of the reasons and countermeasures for the leakage of ultrasonic cleaning machines, and never have to worry about the problem of leakage of ultrasonic cleaning machines. Usually in the use of time, if we pay attention to the problem of a little leakage, the possibility of occurrence is relatively small. So we just know more about it at ordinary times, it will certainly bring great convenience to our life.

What if the ultrasonic cleaner leaks electricity?