Knowledge | 2022-10-13

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machines in the electronic and micro-powder industry


Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly caused by ultrasonic cavitation, cavitation effect is the main factor. The high-pressure and high-temperature shock wave produced by bubble blasting reduces the adhesion between dirt and cleaning parts, and results in the damage and separation of dirt, bubbles can also drill into cracks and vibrate, causing layers of dirt to fall off. When certain solid surfaces are adhered to by oil, the oil is emulsified by ultrasonic waves and quickly escapes from the surface of the part to be cleaned. Ultrasonic cavitation can produce high-speed gradient and acoustic flow, further weakening or eliminating boundary pollution. At the same time, the ultrasonic vibration can also cause the strong vibration of the medium point, which has a strong impact on the surface of the parts to be cleaned, causing the dirt to leave the surface quickly.

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the micro-powder industry

Ultrasonic cleaning machines in the application of the micro-powder industry, to obtain different sizes of particles, is the broken material in the ball mill after grinding, through different specifications sieve layer by layer sieving. After using the sieve for a long time, the hole of the sieve will be blocked (such as diamond sieve), washing the sieve with other methods will destroy the sieve, and the effect is not very good. After many experiments, the sieve will not be damaged by ultrasonic cleaning, and the clogged particles on the sieve are completely recycled, killing two birds with one stone.

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the service industry. In daily life, glasses, and jewelry can be cleaned by ultrasound, and the effect is fast, with no damage, hotels, and hotels use it to clean tableware, not only the cleaning effect is good, but also has the role of killing the virus.

In the application of ultrasonic cleaning machines in pharmaceutical factories, ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used by many pharmaceutical enterprises, especially for the cleaning of penicillin bottles, oral liquid bottles, safety bottles, large infusion bottles, butyl rubber stoppers, and rubber stoppers. For bottle cleaning, using ultrasonic cleaning technology to replace the original brush, through overturning water, ultrasonic cleaning, internal and external cleaning, air drying, overturning, and other processes to achieve, convenience, fast, time-saving, reflected in the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine has the ideal effect to filter element cleaning. No matter what kind of material or use of filter after some time impurities reduce permeability and scrap. The price of an ordinary filter element can also be low, but for the chemical fiber industry, the price of an imported filter element is close to 10,000 yuan. Unfortunately, the ultrasonic filter cleaner developed by Jin Taiying in cooperation with other scientific research institutes uses energy-gathering ultrasonic cleaner with an energy of more than 1 kW concentrated on 200 × 20 mm2 on the radiation surface. The ultrasonic intensity is high, and the plug can be removed quickly. At the same time, the equipment uses an anti-filtration device. As long as you provide a wave core, we can provide you with a complete set of cleaning equipment (filter cleaning time for 10-15 minutes). PP ceramic filter element, activated carbon filter element, hollow fiber filter element.

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machines in the electronic industry

Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly used for semiconductors, crystals, resistors, capacitors, PCB boards, IC chips, connectors, connectors, adapters, silicon chips, transistors, diodes, electronic circuit boards, computer motherboards, a piezoelectric ceramic substrates, image tubes, vacuum equipment, and other electronic equipment & NBSP; Clean the process of production and processing.

According to the different equipment materials, electronic products use organic solvents, water-based solvents, municipal water, and pure water as cleaning mediums. Of course, different electronic components, different cleaning media, different cleaning media, different processes, and processes. Generally speaking, plastic materials mainly use market water, water-based and pure water as a cleaning medium. In the process, the electronic infrared drying line should meet the different requirements of customers. And can be equipped with a unique throwing, rotating, and other cleaning process, so that the surface of the workpiece is cleaner. Metal materials use organic solvent as a cleaning medium, with solvent filtration and recovery devices, to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine unlike the traditional cleaning method has great advantages. Especially in professional and batch production enterprises, ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced traditional impregnation, brushing, pressure cleaning, vibration cleaning, and steam cleaning process. The high efficiency and high cleanliness of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are due to the permeability and cavitation shock wave produced when the sound wave propagates in the medium. Therefore, in the role of ultrasound, it is easy to clean the appearance of complex, cavities and thin empty parts. For the general de-oiling, rust prevention, phosphating, and other processes, only two or three minutes to complete, and its speed can be several times higher than the traditional method to dozens of times, cleanliness can also reach a high standard, this highlights the fact that other treatments are difficult or irreplaceable in many situations where surface quality and productivity of the product are high.

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machines in the electronic and micro-powder industry