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What are the applications of ultrasonic cleaning machines in our lives?


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment in industrial manufacturing and medical science and technology, and therefore the universal impression of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is the cleaning of large machines and some industrial or medical machinery, but, in our daily life, people often experience ultrasonic cleaning technology, today, small to share with you about the ultrasonic cleaning machine in our lives what applications?

People call large-scale ultrasonic cleaning machines, small-scale called ultrasonic cleaning machines ultrasonic cleaning machines, and ultrasonic cleaning machines apart from a little difference in terms of name, there is not much difference between the essence and the use.

1. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machines in family life:

Ultrasonic cleaning in daily life there is many unknown roles, such as gold and silver jewelry, razor, pens, toothbrush, dentures, Combs, cd-rom, including milk bottles, pacifiers, and fruit. In life generally used for some ornaments, household tools, and fruit cleaning at the same time disinfection sterilization. Ultrasound can also be used in beauty care, long-term use can also keep the skin smooth, delicate, and full of elasticity.

2. Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in ornament processing:

In the processing of jade is often used a lot of complex shapes and gaps and more workpieces are. In the process of grinding and polishing jade and ornaments, there will be a lot of dust and dirt attached to the jade and ornaments. Ultrasonic cleaning can be the traditional cleaning method that can not clean the dirt clean as new, some small gaps are not missed.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning machines for precision instruments:

Professional ultrasonic cleaning machine in cleaning clocks and precision instruments to eliminate the previous traditional cleaning methods, do not have to disassemble screws, gears, clockwork, and other precision and small parts, just remove the shell and place the whole thing in a tank with a professional detergent.

4. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machines in optical instruments:

Ultrasonic cleaning of lenses has unique features, some optical lenses, a variety of glasses, microscopes, cameras, magnifying glasses, cameras, and telescopes the lens and parts through ultrasonic cleanings, such as cleaning, not only can clean new will not harm the lens.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines bring you a lot of help in life, including banking, and finance, and the office is also often used. It can be said that ultrasonic cleaning machines in life everywhere, according to the different cleaning items, the use of professional cleaning agents, and cleaning equipment. Ultrasound not only will not hurt the instrument but is also a good instrument for cleaning and maintenance, in life is an indispensable good helper. For more knowledge of ultrasonic cleaning machines or procurement requirements, welcome to contact kit ultrasonic.

What are the applications of ultrasonic cleaning machines in our lives?