Knowledge | 2022-11-08

Which is better to choose, the ultrasonic vibrating plate or the ultrasonic cleaning machine?


The ultrasonic vibrating plate adopts an input cleaning method, which is composed of an ultrasonic generator and a vibrating plate. The length and width of the vibrating plate can be customized, the number of the vibrator also determines the vibration plate's ultrasonic power, size can be used for different cleaning capacities is not the same. The connection line between the vibrating plate and the generator is usually made of hard pipes and hoses, which are heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Ultrasonic vibration board has a certain convenience, the same function, flexible layout, and convenient maintenance, especially suitable for ready-made cleaning tank application scenarios. More importantly, in the case of the same ultrasonic vibration head, with the same ultrasonic power, buy an ultrasonic vibration board in the case of the same ultrasonic power. It is much cheaper than buying an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

For a simple example, suppose 1500 * 700 * 800 can use the size of the cleaning tank 700 * 500 ultrasonic vibration plate 4, before and after two vibration plates, each vibration plate 48 vibration heads, a total of 184 vibration heads, each vibrating head 50W, ultrasonic power 9200W, this design method on the market about 10,000USD. If you want to do a 1500 * 700 * 800 ultrasonic cleaning machine slot size of about 15,000 USD.

So in general, when there is an ultrasonic cleaning tank, as far as possible to buy vibration plate is more appropriate, if there is no cleaning tank, you can consider building a cement tank, and putting the ultrasonic vibration plate inside, also very cost-effective. If your size is not very large, or you do not have an off-the-shelf cleaning tank, then the choice of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is more appropriate.

Which is better to choose, the ultrasonic vibrating plate or the ultrasonic cleaning machine?