Knowledge | 2022-11-08

What is the difference between mechanical timing and digital timing for ultrasonic cleaning equipment? Which parts can be cleaned?


The ultrasonic cleaning machine has the advantages of high efficiency and good effect and is suitable for cleaning with large workloads. It is the best choice for industrial cleaning, this is why the hardware industry, the optical industry, the medical equipment industry, and other industries require high cleanliness of the reasons for choosing ultrasonic cleaning machine. Today, I mainly introduce the ultrasonic cleaning equipment mechanical timing and digital timing temperature regulation differences.

Mechanical timing temperature regulation function ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in electronics, hardware, medical and other industries, which will involve cleaning some precision items, such as the use of mechanical periodic temperature regulation, achieve good cleaning effect, cleaning efficiency is also very high, loved by many customers, the mechanical operation is convenient and fast, only after a simple training can be operated.

The digital timing temperature control function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine with the digital panel to control the working time can effectively remove impurities, dirt, rust and other cleaning fluid, used for jewelry, glasses, circuit board parts, and another cleaning. Digital periodic temperature regulation can more accurately determine the temperature, is more suitable for the cleanliness requirements of customers.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines as advanced industrial cleaning equipment, whether cleaning efficiency or effect will be our best choice for cleaning needs. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines have many functional options. Industrial cleaning equipment can be customized according to customer needs, ultrasonic functions will be changed according to specific needs.

What parts can the ultrasonic cleaning equipment clean?

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can clean all types of workpieces because it uses the principle of ultrasonic vibration so that the dirt on the workpiece in a physical way to disperse and loose, finally crushing all kinds of dirt, making it fall off, to achieve a good cleaning effect. So, which parts can effectively clean the cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning equipment?

1. Semiconductor workpieces

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be cleaned by semiconductor parts including integrated circuits, power tubes, silicon wafers, arsenide, diodes, lead frames, capillaries, trays, and so on. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can effectively clean these works in dandruff, etching oil, stamping oil, polishing wax, and dust particles.

2. Electronic and electrical workpieces

Many electrical and electronic parts can be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning equipment, it mainly includes electronic fittings, cathode ray tubes, printed circuit boards, quartz components, resistors, voltmeters, variable capacitors, circuit breakers, relays, connectors, variable connectors, electrolytic contractors, loudspeaker components, power meters, motor roller fixer plates on water pumps, etc. . If the workpiece has fingerprinting, powder, cutting oil, stamping oil, iron filings, polishing material, walnut powder, polishing wax, viscosity, resin, dust, etc., can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

3. Optical device workpieces

Optical device workpieces, including lenses, prisms, lenses, filters, glassware, photographic film, and optical fibers, can also be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning equipment with plastic residues, resin, paraffin, fingerprinting, and other dirt.

In addition to semiconductor, electrical, and optical equipment parts, good quality, low-cost ultrasonic cleaning equipment can also clean hardware and mechanical parts, electroplating parts, automotive parts, and a variety of chemical fiber products. Therefore, the scope of ultrasonic cleaning equipment cleaning is very wide, so it has become a new favorite of the manufacturing industry cleaning.

What is the difference between mechanical timing and digital timing for ultrasonic cleaning equipment? Which parts can be cleaned?