Knowledge | 2022-11-09

What is the working temperature control range of the ultrasonic cleaning machine? Can you use it 24 hours a day?


When the ultrasonic cleaning machine removes oil, the different workpiece has different cleaning temperature. To what extent is the temperature controlled when the ultrasonic cleaning machine removes oil? Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect is undoubtedly the best. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, many people say it doesn't work well. It also depends on whether its mode of operation is correct. Secondly, whether the choice of ultrasonic cleaning machine is appropriate, whether to add a suitable ultrasonic cleaning agent when cleaning oil, and whether cleaning temperature adjustment is appropriate. These factors affect the cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

At present, a lot of oil removal ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market have a heating function (Cuda ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts heating constant temperature system 20-80 ° adjustable) ultrasonic cleaning machines generally need to adjust to the appropriate temperature to achieve the best cleaning effect?

Under normal circumstances for cleaning oil dirt, the cleaning solution needs to have a certain temperature, the cleaning effect is better. It's like washing the dishes with or without hot water. The temperature is kept at 50 ~ 60 ° C, which is the best clean temperature, mainly because of the good cavitation effect at this temperature. When detergent is added, the higher the temperature, the more obvious the effect. When ultrasonic cleaning is usually used, the operating temperature is from 50 ° C to 60 ° C. As the temperature at 50-60 degrees Celsius, most of the active enzymes are the most active, which is the most effective temperature range for the decomposition of stains. Therefore, if the need to remove oil pollution, one must choose the function of temperature adjustment of the ultrasonic cleaner.

Tip: ultrasonic cleaning machine in general at 30 degrees and 40 degrees the best cleaning effect, the higher the temperature of the cleaning solution, the more obvious the cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning machine usually at 50 to 70 degrees cleaning.

Can the de-oiling ultrasonic cleaning machine be used 24 hours a day?

In the process of working in the ultrasonic cleaning equipment industry, a customer once asked me if the oil-removing ultrasonic cleaning machine can work 24 hours, I will now briefly introduce the oil-removal ultrasonic cleaning machine that can be used 24 hours after this problem.

Here we need the model specifications. Small ultrasonic cleaning machines can not start for a long time and need to rest for some time, such as a half-hour downtime of 10-30 minutes, of course, there are industrial models, that can work 24 hours a day, but it is also recommended that the machine work for some time because long hours will cause damage. Machines, like people, get tired, no matter how good they are, and wear out with more use. Let's say, for example, that our car has miles and over 600,000 kilometers will be scrapped. The same is true for ultrasonic cleaning machines. The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is through the vibration of the vibration head to clean items. If continue use, do not know how to maintain, will not only shorten the service life, and will lead to the vibration of the strength of the head. In this case, what is the correct use of an oil removal ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Correct usage of ultrasonic cleaning machine for oil removal:

1. Carry out operation and maintenance strictly by the operation instructions;

2. Do not use more than that; do not put it in a damp place, away from the heat source.

3. To prevent dry burning, add at least two-thirds of the water to the sink.

4. Diesel fuel, alcohol, and other inflammable and explosive substances are prohibited from heating.

What is the working temperature control range of the ultrasonic cleaning machine? Can you use it 24 hours a day?