Knowledge | 2022-06-28

Professional use of blue whale ultrasonic cleaning machine (2)


In addition to yesterday said the clean league ultrasonic cleaning machine professional use of the first six, listed today the rest of the part.

7. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaning machine

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine is working normally, the ultrasonic wave is emitted from three directions at the same time. Press the downside to start the ultrasonic wave. The two sides of the ultrasonic wave are already started. Turn the power adjusting knob to the right and press the downside to start the ultrasonic wave. And rotate it to the appropriate power, at this time Leo Display, display the current bottom of the ultrasonic power value.

8. Stop the ultrasonic cleaning machine

In the cleaning, the process stop should first power the knob to the minimum. Press stop bottom ultrasound again. Cleaning time according to the cleaning, master the surface conditions.

9. Ultrasonic cleaning machine overflow

If there is too much oil slick on the surface of the cleaning tank. The overflow device of the washing machine should be opened to exclude it to prevent the secondary pollution of the cleaned workpiece. The operation is as follows: Open the overflow discharge valve, pour water or cleaning fluid into the cleaning pool until the cleaning fluid begins to overflow (it is recommended to use a scraper-type appliance to cut and paint oil slick in the direction of the overflow mouth to promote its rapid outflow), to keep overflow discharge, the valve is often closed to prevent accidental overflow on the ground caused by pollution.

10. Ultrasonic cleaning machine post-treatment

Remove the cleaned parts and Compressed air the remaining cleaning fluid in the holes and dry the surface. (it is recommended that a dust blower be used with the Air compressor.). If there are conditions, in the washing machine near the best configuration of the sink. To rinse the removed parts.

Treatment of cleaning agents for ultrasonic cleaning machines

When the washing machine washed too many parts, the cleaning agent in the content of sludge will be quite high, coupled with the emulsifying effect of ultrasound. Cleaning, the agent will be too dirty and sticky and reduce the ability of cavitation, should not continue to use. It is suggested that the user configure a water storage bucket to be used in conjunction with a cleaning machine to precipitate a dirty cleaning agent for recycling to reduce costs.

12. The auxiliary function of soaking in the ultrasonic cleaning machine

Many parts, such as cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, turbochargers, and intake and exhaust manifolds, carry deposits on these parts. Some are light and easy to clean, but some are heavy, in this case, the necessary soaking softening process of the workpiece, the process will achieve better cleaning results.

Professional use of blue whale ultrasonic cleaning machine (2)