Knowledge | 2022-06-29

Blue Whale: tabletop single tank ultrasonic cleaner


Single tank ultrasonic cleaner


A, ultrasonic working time of 1-99 minutes can be adjusted, suitable for different occasions.

B, cleaning temperature in the 20 & NDASH; 80 range of arbitrary adjustable, constant temperature control solution temperature.

C, the cleaner adopts stainless steel argon welding molding to improve the cleaning effect.

D, cleaner shell using high-quality stainless steel production, beautiful and generous.

E, the cleaning trough uses the high-quality stainless steel one-time stamping molding, does not have the welding place, and the waterproof performance is better.

F, the use of high-quality imported components, ultrasonic power conversion efficiency, strong power, and good cleaning effect.

Scope of application;

Purpose of use: cleaning, degassing, disinfection, emulsification, mixing, replacement, extraction.

User Department: Industrial and Mining Enterprises, Scientific Research Unit Laboratories of colleges and universities; hospitals; Electronic workshop assembly line; watch and eye shop; jewelry shop; family.

Cleaning objects: electronic products, mechanical hardware accessories, glasses, jewelry, watches, coins, fruits, and so on.


1. Above operating frequency is 42HZ, special frequency 68HZ or 120HZ can be customized;

2. Power supply voltage standard AC220-240V 50/60HZ, working voltage 110 V can be customized;

3. All types of single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machines are all stainless steel slots, only  Lanj -890 models and Lanj -900 s for the plastic shell, the rest are all stainless steel shells. 3 liters (including) above small ultrasonic cleaning machine has heating function and cleaning timing function.

Lanj Standard Series select water-based plus a few additives as a cleaning agent, low cost, good cleaning effect, is the most ideal and most affordable cleaning equipment.

Scope of application: electronic parts, electroplating, hardware, watches, machinery, strap, tools, optical lenses, jewelry, lenses, glasses frame, semiconductor silicon chip, spinneret filter, and glassware cleaning.


Full import thickened stainless steel acid and alkali resistance, beautiful and durable;

Imported original high Q value oscillator, strong ultrasonic power;

Automatic thermostatic system 30-110 ° C adjustable;

Twenty-four consecutive hours to adapt to the mass production;

Advanced Third Generation Generator, better efficiency, higher frequency, better quality;

40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 170KHZ, 1000KHZ, the effect is better.

Single frequency, double frequency, and three frequency regulation, to meet different requirements;

Design and manufacture according to customer requirements.

Blue Whale: tabletop single tank ultrasonic cleaner