Knowledge | 2022-06-28

Professional use of blue whale ultrasonic cleaning machine (1)


1. Installation of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Please refer to the installation instruction of the ultrasonic cleaner to connect the temperature sensor signal line, ultrasonic drive line, and heater control line between the electric control cabinet of the cleaner and the host machine, connect the 380VAC power supply, install the upper pipe, drain pipe and overflow drain pipe of the washing machine.

2. Add water to the ultrasonic cleaner

Add an appropriate amount of water to the cleaning pool, the height of the liquid to immerse the parts to be cleaned shall prevail, generally not more than three-quarters of the pool.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning machine heating

Start the electric heating switch and point the white mark on the water temperature adjusting knob to the proper temperature (about 60 ° C). The maximum temperature of the washing machine should not exceed 70 ° C.

4. Ultrasonic cleaning machine to add cleaning agent

When the water temperature rises to about 40 ° C, the UC-O3 parts cleaning agent is added to the cleaning pool (usually about 5kg at a time), slowly stir the water to make it fully dissolved (at this time can also start the sound wave or open the gas device to stir).

Ultrasonic cleaning machine pretreatment

Before cleaning, use a bamboo knife to clean the dirt on the surface of the parts (such as dust cover, the surface of the parts will have a lot of dust, cylinder block type of parts in its shell curve changes in the accumulation of a lot of thick and easy to remove the sludge) , to extend the service life of the cleaning fluid. Ultrasonic can carry out precision cleaning, but its sludge treatment capacity is weak, so the pre-treatment, should be as far as possible to yellow sludge or sludge of sewage removal.

6. Ultrasonic cleaning machine parts placement

Put the parts into the reinforcing bar basket and put them into the cleaning basin gently. When many parts are put into the basket at one time, they should be evenly distributed in the basket without overlapping.

Professional use of blue whale ultrasonic cleaning machine (1)