Knowledge | 2022-10-11

Medical ultrasonic cleaner


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment has embarked on the front desk from the scene. Gradually it replaced the traditional cleaning method. In particular, the medical ultrasound cleaning machines are already the cleaning equipment they have to have.

Medical ultrasonic cleaners are used in medical industries, scientific research units, and special cleaning equipment for pharmaceutical factories. And the principle of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is the high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator. It is then propagated into the medium and cleaning solution by converting the transducer into high frequency mechanical oscillation. The ultrasonic wave radiates forward in the cleaning solution. This flows from tens of thousands of microbubbles flowing through liquid flow. These bubbles are formed and grown in the positive pressure regions in the negative pressure region of ultrasonic longitudinal direction. In this process, the bubble closure can form an instantaneous high pressure of more than 1000 air pressure during the process of "cavitation" effect. It continuously generated high pressure is like a series of small "explosions" constantly impacts the surface of the object. The surface of the object surface and the slit is rapidly peeled off. Thereby it can achieve the purpose of surface purification of the object.

1. The effect of using the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is obvious:

(1) It can be maximized to protect the cleaned medical device is not damaged.

(2) Various stains of surgery machinery and surgical accessories can be completely cleaned. This can rule out the problem of uncomfortable artificial cleaning.

(3) Cleaning efficiency is high, the traditional manual cleaning needs to recycle equipment multi-enzyme immersion, manual brushing, washing or use a brush machine to clean some bottles. It can be said that time-consuming, and can not guarantee the quality of instrument cleaning. If a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is used, the cleaning apparatus can be soaked in multi-enzyme cleaning solution and directly put into the cleaning tank.

. Then put the cleaning agent proportionally and set the temperature, time. This will automatically start the cleaning process. 

(4) This is hygienic and safe. Medical ultrasonic cleaning machines are a non-polluting equipment. The entire process is a pure physics cleaning process. It is safe and reliable. This does not produce electromagnetic wave and radiation, which is harmless to the human body. Moreover, the cleaning liquid is directly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized to medical machinery. There is no need to contact the cleaning liquid to eliminate secondary pollution. The medical staff can also effectively isolate bacterial viruses to protect health care providers.

For these factors, we can clearly understand that the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is one of the necessary equipment of the hospital.

2. Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine application range: Mainly suitable for hospital surgery knives, tweezers, hemostasis, inner mirror, injection needle, various syringes, test tubes, glass sheets, replacement bowl, various plates, drums , Pressure controller, etc. This can clean and disinfect radioactive and contaminated equipment. This is an essential equipment for hospital operating rooms, supply rooms and disinfection centers and research units, pharmaceutical factories, and laboratories.

3. Common Categories for Medical Ultrasound Cleaning Mescale: There are different configurations according to different requirements of the specific object. They can be divided into single-tank medical ultrasonic cleaner, double tank medical ultrasonic cleanere (ultrasonic cleaning tank, ultrasonic rinse tank), three tank medical ultrasonic cleaner (ultrasonic cleaning tank, ultrasonic rinse tank, drying tank), four tank medical ultrasonic cleaner (ultrasonic cleaning tank, ultrasonic rinse tank, dip oil boiling tank, drying oven) and five tank (immersion tank, ultrasound cleaning tank, ultrasonic rinse tank, soaking boiling tank, drying tank). The single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine can be divided into two models of horizontal and desktops.

Medical ultrasonic cleaner