Knowledge | 2022-12-15

How to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to be able to long-term?


Ultrasonic cleaning machine drying can seriously damage the ultrasonic cleaning! Please fill at least half the height of the cleaning solution, not exceeding the maximum number of cavities on the surface of the liquid level. Solvent-based ultrasonic cleaning does not contain a flammable liquid cavity. Select TH for flammable organic solvents. Note: Ultrasound accelerates evaporation of the liquid and forms a thin mist on the surface, which can cause contact with the source of the fire.


The stainless steel cleaning tank is filled directly with non-acidic liquid, the stainless steel cleaning tank may be due to crevice corrosion damage time being short, household cleaning agents usually containing corrosive substances, and other reasons, please choose a special cleaning agent type. Se corrosion cleaning agent to clean, it is recommended that you use a plastic cleaning fuel tank. Place the cleaning and cleaning material in a cavity that does not come into direct contact with the bottom.


Please operate the stainless steel basket, please remove large particles, rust slag, and other sediments. These substances will cause the same damage to the cleaning tank, if the use of powder or granular cleaning media provided by other suppliers, to ensure that the media can be completely dissolved in the cleaning solution, otherwise, the bottom surface of the residual powder or particle coating will be dissolved. Ultrasonic cleaning can lead to bottom perforation corrosion or bottom surface formation. The cleaning solution is used to select the appropriate cleaning agent for the surface materials and contaminants of the purified materials. Please provide expert and product data for RECO. Select the most appropriate dose and the most compatible reagent binding force. If using water as the medium, it is recommended to add a water-cleaning agent to improve the cleaning effect. Er-MA chemical cleanser contains Surfactant, which can reduce surfing. The ACE tension of the cleaning medium, especially the ultrasonic cleaning, makes the ultrasonic wave evenly distributed, the maximum liquid level should not exceed the height of the cleaning tank, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine should not be less than half of the height of the cleaning T. The removal of dissolved gas from newly added detergents is greatly affected by the removal of dissolved gas.


Ultrasonic pre-ultrasonic minutes, and then the formal ultrasonic cleaning, can effectively remove the micro-bubble in the cleaning medium. Blowing degassing mode can also be used for 5-10 minutes, better, degassing liquid can be better vaporized, and this characteristic will improve the material degassing. The cleaning agent will ensure the use of ultrasonic washing machine life longer, in the cleaning temperature should be selected under the appropriate washing temperature. The actual cleaning temperature has a great impact on the activity and cleaning effect of the cleaning agent, please ensure that there is enough preheating, plus the ultrasonic cleaning machine voice muffler cover, and thermostat open, to achieve the full heating effect. The cleaning box will be evenly distributed when heated. Fully preheated ultrasonic cleaning after official start-up. Operation: set the temperature and ultrasonic time, and press the open button.

How to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to be able to long-term?